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Mobile Commerce Market Size


The Growth of MCommerce and What Awaits the Future

As of 2010, almost 5 billion apps have been downloaded through mobile devices and in 2013, the total apps downloaded has grown for over 21 billion. This information only shows that the growth of MCommerce has grown radically within a span of 13 years.


Along with this fact, many people with ages ranging from 18 to 34 are using their mobile devices to shop online and the number of people purchasing items through their phone increased from 19% in 2011 to 34% this year. Due to the larger scope covered by Smartphone market than PC market, the growth of MCommerce is projected to increase from $6 billion in year 2011 to $31 billion by the year 2016. It only means that within this span of time, its growth will not stop easily.

How Mobile Impacts Retail Marketing

Though highstreet doubted that MCommerce would not grow, especially in the field of retail marketing, it was proven wrong since many retail businesses is now taking advantage of how they can market their business with making a mobile site. The huge success of iPhones sold in the market just shows that there are many people who are influenced by its popularity on providing shopping convenience for every customer using any mobile device.

More business owners, especially those on the retail industry, opt to put up their mobile sites due to the number of consumers who prefer to shop through mobile devices directly. As a matter of fact, a great percentage of consumers today are making their shopping decisions depending on the mobile experience that they would have from a particular mobile site. With this in mind, business owners are exerting more effort on making mobile sites as user-friendly and convenient as possible, to create sales instantly.

Mobile Marketplace

Unlike other mobile devices powered by different companies and software, iPhones and Android devices have been providing high amount of market shares. This means that these popular devices made a great impact on how people look at mobile marketing, which made such devices dominate the mobile market easily.

Benefits of MCommerce

Aside from leaving great impact on sales and marketing of businesses, MCommerce also provide many benefits when it comes to Healthcare. As a proof that healthcare also gains positive impacts on providing services, many healthcare providers are interested in adopting the use of mobile technology in their field. There are already numerous healthcare providers who are already using mobile technology as they practice their profession and more professionals are seeing the need of improving and making mobile technology an important aspect in the healthcare field.

With all of these in mind, the growth of MCommerce in the future is predicted to continue. By the following years, it is projected that mobile searches will grow for over 27 billion than those made on desktop searches. More than 20 million people will use their Smartphones when shopping and market share of device software such as Android will grow for about 31% by 2016. Furthermore, mobile payments are also seen to grow as 2014 ends, which mean that improvement in mobile technology will grow continuously in the succeeding years.

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