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List of the Top Verified Twitter Accounts

List of the Top Verified Twitter Accounts

Top Twitter Verified Accounts

A Twitter verified account is defined as being officially represented by the person or organization they claim to be. Here is a look at the trends of Twitter verified accounts and top users.


As of 2009, Twitter verified accounts were basically non existant. The number of verified accounts reached 50,000 on April 2013, consisting of only 0.0005% of overall users. Some well-known names that became verified on Twitter are:

Barack Obama – Aug 2009
Bill Gates – Jan 2010
Adele – Dec 2012

More than half of these elite users have an average following between 10K and 100K. The top 2.5% see a following of over 1 million users with 15 percent averaging between 100K and 1 Million. Almost half of verified users on Twitter are located in the United States with 20% located in the United Kingdom.

The industry sectors of verified users account for the following:
• Music – 17%
• Television – 6%
• Government – 5%
• Sports – 8%
• Everything Else – 64%

Top 5 Verified Twitter Users

1. Justin Bieber: @JustinBieber – 37M Followers
2. Lady Gaga: @LadyGaga – 36M Followers
3. Barack Obama: @BarackObama – 30M Followers
4. Rihanna: @Rihanna – 29M Followers
5. YouTube: @YouTube – 26M Followers

Top 5 Most Influential Users

1. Barack Obama: Politics
2. Jimmy Fallon: Entertainment
3. Conan O’Brian: Television
4. The NY Times: Journalism
5. Shaquille O’Neal: Sports

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