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List of the Top Coolest Technology Gadgets of 2013

List of the Top Coolest Technology Gadgets of 2013

2013 Best Gadgets

3D Printers
3D printers construct a 3-dimensional model based on an image generated by your computer. This 3D model can be made out of many different materials including metal, fabric and plastic. These printers are now “printing” staple consumer goods such as clothes, food, pharmaceuticals and jewelry. The next project? Mobile phones capable of 3D printing.

Basis band
This gadget is the best fitness gadget of the year. Keep track of your health as you exercise using the Basis Band. The Basis Band is the most convenient heart monitor you can find. It can be worn all the time and provides an accurate digital heart rate reading. It even monitors your sweat levels using galvanic skin. It tracks your heart rate so that you can keep up with how much you are improving as you exercise over time.

Google Glass
These high tech glasses engage technological content through a visual interface right before your eyes. -Have you ever dreamed of having “spy-glasses” that a computer you can control through your spectacles? This is it in the flesh. You can take photographs, record videos, activate your computer with voice commands, send messages and get directions. Basically, these glasses are a hands-free smartphone.

Lenovo IdeaCentre Horizon
From the small to the large, computer interfaces are now translated across the range of size. This Lenovo computer is basically a table-sized tablet that allows groups to interact together with one computer. Perfect for games and board meetings alike, the Lenovo IdeaCentre Horizon provides an unforgettable user experience. However, this experience is worth some dollars at $1600 a pop.

Nest is a smart thermostat that regulates the temperature of your house according to external temperatures and individual customer habits. Nest was designed by two gifted former Apple employees that decided to branch off on their own. You can even control your thermostat remotely via syncing Nest to your smartphone and using an app.

For those watch collectors out there, Pebble funded by Kickstarter is the most high-tech you can get. You can download and update personalized watch faces on the tiny screen. Customize your interface to suit your mood. Receive messages, calls and emails on your watch by syncing your watch with your smart phone. This watch can also download useful apps such as timers, stopwatches, a GPS navigation system, play music and browse the internet. These watches are even relatively affordable starting at $150 dollars online.

Samsung Smart TV Platform
Samsung’s previous smart TV platform was cool, but this new update features new, top-notch features that include individual facial recognition that personalizes the viewer experience based on their previous viewing habits. This computer has a more natural persona that uses predictive analysis to monitor viewer decisions and suggest new content the user may like.

Xbox 720
The Xbox720, affectionately called Durango by fans, includes Blu-ray, DVR and 3D gaming capabilities. You can use the Xbox720 to play games, watch Netflix and record your favorite TV shows for later viewing. It has a new and technologically improved Kinect system that works with synced glasses. The whole thing is fueled by 8GB of RAM and a quad-core processor.

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