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List of the Best PHP Development Frameworks


Top 6 PHP Frameworks

Here are the ratings of the top PHP frameworks in accordance with Google trends.

Between 2005 and 2013, Codeigniter, Cake PHP and Symfony experienced no searches. Zend, was on the increase and climaxed at 70 on the search volume index before retracing downwards to 35 and then began to rise again between 2012 and 2013. Yii experiences no searches until 2007 and then rise up to 60 on the search index by 2012 and then rose steeply.

Google Trends as of 2013

Yii – 88
Codeigniter – 5
Zend – 47
Cake PHP – 2
Symfony – 4

Top 5 Frameworks by Voting

1. Yii scored 137
2. Codeigniter scored 106
3. Zend scored 70
4. Cake PHP scored 76
5. Sympfony scored 52

Top Frameworks by Elance and oDesk Jobs

• Yii, on Elance it is 17, on oDesk it is 30 the overall is 47
• Codeigniter, on Elance, it is 35, on oDesk, it is 101, overall is 136.
• Zend, on Elance it is 15, on oDesk, it is 39 and overall, it is 54
• Cake PHP, on Elance, it is 45, on oDesk, it is 79 and overall it is 124.
• Symfony, on Elance, it is 12, on oDesk, it is 27 and overall, it is 40.

Top 5 PHP Framework in Details

1. Yii Framework
In comparison with Zend and Symfony, it is easier to learn. It is a cool and decent system. The required skills are PHP5 and OOP, it is suitable for large and small projects. Its PHP version is 5.2, rigid catalog structure is not recommended. It has international support, it is not too complex but requires slight additional settings. It has full ORM support, excellent documentation of samples. It has unit-test for source codes and has a community. Its license is New BSD.

2. CodeIgnigter v2
It is very simple to learn and may be referred to as a micro-frame work. It is pretty flexible and party codes can be easily used. The required skills are PHP and OOP basics. It can be used for large as well as small projects. The PHP version is 5.2, it has a rigid catalog structure and an official international support. It is not complex with respect to installation, requiring slight further settings. It has no full ORM support, doctrine can be used instead. It features excellent documentation and samples, no units-tests for source code. It has a community in form of blogs, wiki tutorials and forum. Its license is Codeigniter license agreement.

3. Zend Frameworkv1
This is a very flexible and academically literate code. An excellent knowledge of PHP and OOP is required. It needs some basic adjustment before use and features a complete technical documentation. It is ideal for small and large projects, PHP version is 5.2. There is no rigid catalog structure, it has an official internationalization support and high level of complexity. It requires significant additional settings, it has no full ORM support, excellent documentation and samples, unit test for source code and a community of users. The license is the NEW BSD.

4. Cake PHP
This has a lots of functionalities built into it. It documentation could have been better. PHP, OOP and the ability to sort out frame work source codes are the skills required to use this program. It is suitable for small and medium projects. It is PHP version 5.2, having a rigid catalog structure. It has an official international support, low complexity with respect to installation and requires slight additional settings. It has full ORM support, normal documentation samples, it has a community and unit-test for source codes. Its license is MIT.

5. Synfony v2
This makes use of the line command. It has yaml, powerful ORM and a proper view system. It is not easy to learn despite its excellent documentation. The required skills are PHP5, OOP, ORM and console. It is suitable for large projects. Its PHP version is 5.2, it has a rigid catalog structure, official international support and it is complex with respect to installation and adjustment. It significantly requires additional settings, having full ORM support. Its documentation samples are in the works, it has unit tests for code, it has a community and its license is MIT.

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