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List of the 10 Best Games to Play on Facebook

Best Games to Play

Why Are Facebook Social Games So Popular?

Here is the top 10 social games based on Facebook.

1. Garden of Time:
This was developed by Playdam, it has over 7 million active users a month. It aims to discover hidden objects.

2. The SIMS Social:
This game was developed by EA, having about 23 million active users. The aim is to create characters to play out real live activities.

3. CityVille:
This was developed by Zynga, with an average monthly users of 49 million. The gaming objective is to build cities and interact with players.

4. Double Down Casino:
This was developed by DoubleDown Interactive. This game has average active monthly users of 4.7 million. The objective of the game is to play casino games.

5. Adventure World:
This was developed by Zynga, having over 9 million active users, the game objective is to complete adventure quests.

6. With Words Friends:
This was developed by zynga, it has over 16 million active users, and the game objective is to play cross word games with your friends.

7. Bingo blitz:
This was developed by Buffalo Studios. It has over 2 million active users with game objective as playing bingo games.

8. Empires & Allies:
This game was developed by Zynga. The game aims to combine efforts against powerful forces.

9. Slotomania:
This was developed by Playtika and has an average of 5.4 million active subscribers. The objective of this is to play slot machine games.

10. Diamond Dash:
This was developed by Wooga with the aim of releasing magic diamonds to complete levels. It has over 12 million active users.

Nevertheless, in the United States and the United Kingdom, FarmVille, BejeweledBlitz and MafiaWars are the top 3 most popular social games. Why is there so much preference for these games? Generally, games are said to help in the following areas:
• Relieve Stress
• Mental Stimulation
• Social Interaction
• Relaxation

In the United States, 57% of the sampled population believe that playing games is born of a competitive spirit while 43% say it is part of fun and excitement. These games are played on mobile devices like tablets and smart phones. The survey revealed that 66% of tablet owners play these games on a daily basis, 53% of players have a smart phone. In general. About 100 million subscribers play these games on a daily basis on social networks.

61% play games on Facebook, 17% on Google+, 15% on myspace and 7% do same on Bebo. The average age of the gamers is 39 years comprising 54% males and 46% females. This forms part of the 14% of gamers who play games for at least 1 hour while at work.

Which Social Game Genres are recommended by people who play?

For games related to hidden objects, there are about 10 million active gamers in this category. Garden of time is recommended with about 8.3 million active users while Mystery Manor is next with 1.7 million active monthly users.

For games related to casino, there are 13.24 million active monthly users in this category. Glotomania is first place with 5.5 million active users, while double down casino is second place with 4.5 million active monthly users. For role playing games, there are 2.5 million active monthly users. Zombie lane is first placed with 1.9 million active monthly users and vampire’s diaries as second place with 300,000 active monthly users.

It seems like the normal trend. With half of internet users numbering 510 million playing social games. Since 2010, this number increased by 71%. Social games are so addictive that once you begin, you cannot stop. As at January 1 st, 81 million people play social games at least once a day while 49 million people play it multiple times daily.

Social gamers spend an average of 9.5 hours per week on social games and the number of those who play at least 6 hours per week has increased significantly. For example, the social game, “words with friends” was made so popular that it gained 100,000 players in less than 24hrs. Thanks to Alec Baldwin who would not turn off the game while boarding an airplane and was kicked out. This brought so much
popularity to the game.

Social games are financially fun for the brands involved because social gamers prefer to receive new product information through social games. As a result, companies are spending more on advert gaming. A few are McDonalds, Expedia, MTV, Volvo and Century.

Developers of Social games are not left out. The study revealed that $42.70 billion is the average amount spent by gamers on virtual currency, $6 billion is spent by social gamers on virtual goods by 2013, while over $600 million was spend by the US social gamers on items with social gaming revenue.

This has been of immense benefit to top social game developers. Here are the statistics:
• Zynga has developed 63 social game apps and has 223,372,601 active monthly subscribers.
• EA has developed 45 apps and has 51,453,030 active monthly subscribers.
• Wooga has developed 7 apps and has 35,040,000 active monthly subscribers

Smaller social game developers have also gotten a share from the market.
• Walt Disney bought Playdom for $763.2 million.
• EA bought Playfish for $400 million.
• Google bought Slide for $182 million.

Taking a look at the flip side, the regular gaming console has a market share of $18.5 million while the mobile gaming market stands at a staggering $11.4 billion market share. Social game players also say that the drive for the regular game console has reduced since they became active on social media gaming.

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