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List of 75 Catchy Electrical Safety Slogans

Homes can fall to risk of fire and accidents associated with faulty electrical. The primary threats exist when cooking and laundry appliances. People that rent are 7 times more likely to experience a house fire than homeowners. Almost half of homeowners and renters are not sure who is responsible for electrical safety. The below list of electrical slogans are popular among industry leaders to increase awareness to the dangers of fire and electrocution.

A bad wire can cause a fire.
A breaker box is a useful tool, Be sure to use the left hand rule.
A faulty wire can be dire.
A faulty wire can start a flare.
A fire today – no job tomorrow.
A harness is better than a hearse.
A naked wire can cause a fire.
A near miss today is an accident tomorrow. Report it, don’t ignore it.
Accidents hurt – Safety doesn’t.
Accidents, big or small, avoid them all you.
An electrical hazard can produce shocking results.
An overload can explode you.
An overloaded receptacle is not acceptable.
At Work, At Home – Let Safety Be Known.
Avoid loose electrical connections.
Be careful with power, or this will be your last hour.
Before start – switch off.
Better to lock out that electricity than drop out of this world.
Disconnect first, or be next for the hearse!
Do your work with pride, put safety in every stride.
Don’t be a fool! Inspect your electrical tools.
Don’t be a stranger to electrical danger.
Don’t be safety blinded, be safety minded.
Don’t go up in smoke! Frayed power cords are no joke!
Don’t let overloaded sockets turn you off.
Don’t play with Electricity; it has the POWER to Kill.
Don’t put your life on the line.
Don’t touch an electrical shock victim, because it might make you another victim.
Don’t let electricity come to you as a shock.
Electric Safety from A to Zap.
Electrical hazard can shock you – use safety clothing.
Electrical safety begins with you.
Electrical safety is a full time job.
Electrical Safety is no accident.
Electrical safety is no joke, correct the hazard or go up in smoke.
Electrical safety leads to fire safety.
Electrical safety: When in doubt check it out.
Electricity can turn you off.
Electricity has the POWER to Kill.
Ensure electrical safety, save life save property.
Fools only working without safety tools.
Hearing loss is a huge lost – use your hearing protection.
If you don’t practice electrical safety, there can be electrifying results.
Keep cord and wires out of the way.
Know safety No Accidents.
Loose Wires Cause Fires!
Make it your mission, not to live with an unsafe condition.
Practice electrical safety so you don’t get shocked.
Protect yourself from electric shock, use safety equipment.
Protect yourself from wires.
Remember to disconnect, before you correct.
Remember, electricity is a fire source too.
Safety – it’s in your hands.
Safety is a way of life.
Safety is everyone’s full time job.
Safety rules are your best tools.
Shortcuts cut life short – Are you working safely now?
Stay away from shocks, turn off the breaker box.
Stay healthy, use electrical extension cord wisely.
Step up and help someone work safer, it’ll make you feel great.
Stop accidents before they stop you.
Take CHARGE for electrical safety.
the IMPACT of CareLESSness SHOCKs us the MOST.
The importance of electrical safety is shocking.
The more you know, the more you know how little you know about safety.
the safe way is the best way.
The safest risk is the one you didn’t take.
Think Safety, Because I Love You Man.
Tomorrow is your reward for working safely today.
Too many wires cause electrical flare.
Turn your attention to accident prevention.
Wear gloves always.
Work safe, stay well – it’s your choice.
You won’t make it home today, unless you work safely.
Your good health is your greatest wealth.

Over 1.3 million renters are currently waiting on their landlord to fix an electrical issue and 1.7 million claim their issues have been ignored. Renters that bring in their own appliances are held responsible for any dangers that occur as a result. The below infographic outlines additional facts about electrical safety to keep in mind.

Electrical Safety Statistics UK

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