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List of 101 Great Welding Company Names

Welding is a specific trade that requires training, certification, and experience. Focused on the precise and reliable methods of joining materials together, welding is a large part of the manufacturing industry. Infrastructures such as buildings, bridges, computers, and medical devices could not be produced with the skills and trade of welding. Modern methods of welding include advance technologies such as lasers and plasma arcs for joining dissimilar and non-metallic materials for innovate shapes and designs. The following list of welding companies are from throughout the United States and focus within the industrial industries.

A Affordable Welding
A-1 Welding
ABM Fabrication and Machining
Absolute Weld
Acceleron Inc.
Accufab Metal Fabrication and Welding
Accurate Welding Services
Action Unlimited
Advanced Gas Products Welding
Advanced Northwest Welding
Aggressive Welding Services
Alloy Bellows & Precision Weld
AllTex Welding Supply
American Eagle Welding
American Industrial Supply
Angels Welding
Applied Machinery Equipment
Arc Machines Inc.
Atomoweld Inc.
Bear Metal Welding & Fabrication Inc.
Buffalo Welding
Buzzard Industries
Byron Products
Carmel Welding & Supply
Coastal Welding Supply
Compton’s Welding Services
Continental Field Systems
Crown Welding & Fabricating
Curtis Custom Welding
Custom Way Welding Inc.
Double S Welding Supply
Elite Welding
Extreme Welding and Machine Services
Fab Worx Inc.
Fabcorp Inc.
Gardena Welding Supply Co.
Great Basin Welding
Halco Welding
Heritage Machine and Welding
Humble Industrial Service
Industrial Welding Supply
Industrial Welding Supply Inc.
Inland Maching and Welding
Joining Technologies
Kennedy Fabricating
Kennedy Welding
Lincoln Electric Automation
M&M’s Welding and Fabricating Inc.
Martin Metal Fabricators
Master Weld, Inc.
Maverick Welding Supplies
McKinney Welding Supply
Mechanical Design Inc.
Miller Electric Manufacturing Co.
Modern Welding Company
Morton Industries LLC
New Bedford Welding Supply
Noble Industries, Inc.
Northside Welding
Norton Welding
Oscar Gates and Ironworks
Poor Boy Welding
Precious Fabrication and Weld
Precious Welding
Precision Trailer Hitches and Welding
Quality Fence & Welding
Quality Steel Welding
Quality Welding
Quirks Welding
Rage Industrial Solutions
Ramsey Welding
Reid Welding
Rochester Welding Inc.
Rockford Industrial Welding Supply Inc.
Sam’s Welding Inc.
Sims Specialty Gas
Smith Equipment and Welding
Springer and Springer
Stainless Steel Welding Service
Steel Feather Welding
Stevenson Fabrication
Suburban Welding & Steel LLC
Sunbelt Stud Welding
Superior Joining Technologies
Tech Weld
Texas Ironman
Tri County Welding
Trident Welding & Fabrication Inc.
Trinity Industries
United Welding Supply
US Welding
Weld It
Weld World, Inc.
Weldall Mfg. Inc.
Welding Shop
Weldmart Online
West End Welding
Wildcat Welding
Yes Welding

Over the last five years in the United Kingdom, over 18,000 welders have left the industry. This has resulted in a 25% gap. The demand for welders in the future will require current skill sets to be advanced to increase levels of skills to meet demand. The below infographic outlines the statistics and trends of this unstable industry right now.

UK Welding Industry Stats

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