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List of 150 Creative Spa Names

Branded spas are able to build their businesses on a regionally and nationally recognized scale. Here is a series of currently existing spa names from the most popular coastal states to help you become inspired to create your own spa name. Focusing on marketing, technology, and customer service will provide you with avenues for expanding into a multi-unit organization.

A New You
A Peaceful Escape Spa
A Peaceful Ocean Day Spa
A Perfect 10 Spa
A Place to Relax
Adelia Baby
All About You Spa
Amenity Day Spa
Aphrodite Spa
Asmi Stone
Avalon Salon & Spa
Awaken Wellness & Rejuvenation
Bamboo Amber
Beach Crew Spa
Bliss Spa
Blue Elassa Spa
Blue Harbor
Blue Planet
Body and Soul Spa
Body Melody
Body Trails
Care Senses
Cascade Day Spa
Cloud 9 Spa Salon
Complexions Beauty and Spa
Contour Day Spa
Crystal Mountain Spa
Cutesy Spa
Daisy Darling Spa
Dash Salon & Day Spa
Day Dreamers Spa
Dreamer’s Destination Spa
Dreaminn Spa
Drift Away Massage and Spa
Drifting Spa
Driftwood Day Spa
Eden Day Spa
Elite Spa
Elliote Lady
Escape Reality Spa
Essential Nature Spa
Ethereal Day Spa
Exhale Mind Body Spa
Exhale Spa
Fancy Saga Spa
Feel-Good Facials
Fiona’s Facials and Spa Services
Firesky Resort & Spa
Flora Sense
Fly Away Day Spa
Fountain of Youth
Free Your Mind Massages
Fresia Freeze Spa
Fuzz & Flora
Glow Day Spa
Golden Oaks Spa
Graceful Touch Spa
Hands of Gold
Happy Fingers
Head 2 Toe Spa
Heavenly Spa Services
Hexa Flirt
Hot Stones Massage
Hummingbird Skin Care Spa
Joyspring Spa
Just Let Go Spa
Juvenex Spa
La Bella Spa
Lakeview Day Spa
Lavella Spa
Life-Stream Wellness Spa
Lotus Center
Lovender Love
Mandara Spa
Massage Away Spa
May’s Massages
Misky Melon
Modo Quosi Spa
Mossmerry Spa
Mystic Ocean Spa
Namaste Spa
Nature Fusion
Nature True Spa
Nature’s Tub
Oasis Day Spa
Ocean Motion Massage and Spa
Ocean Place Resort & Spa
Oceanic Palace Resort & Spa
Osmosis Day Spa Sanctuary
Out of This World Spa Services
Pamper Me Spa
Paradise Point Resort
Perfecta Salon
Precious Care Spa
Pure Bliss Massages
Pure Harmony Spa
Purple Orchid
Reflections Day Spa
Rejunva Spa
Rejuvenate Spa
Relax Destination Spa
Relaxation on My Mind Spa
Retreat Spa
River Pebble
Rose Room Spa
Rosy Sphere
Ruby Room
Sea Salt Spa
Sellinn Sree
Serenity Day Spa
Silver Scroop
Skinsational Spa
Sleeking Comfort
Spa Castle
Spa Day
Spa Space
Stillwater Spa & Resort
Stunny Stone Spa
Sunrise-Sunset Spa
Ten Thousand Waves
The Beauty Spot
The Getaway
The Hot Stone Spa
The Pampering People
Too Much Spa
Total Relaxation Spa
Touched by an Angel Massages
Tranquil Garden Massages
Tranquility Wellness Spa
Trust Spa
Up the River Spa
Urban Inspire
Violet Haven
Virgin Wolf
Vitality Spa
Water Lily Day Spa
Wellness and Rejuvenation Spa
White Orchid Spa
White Spirit Spa

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