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List of 150 Best Medical Company Names

The medical industry has risen vastly in costs over the last decade. From an estimated $2.8 trillion in present time, costs are expected to soar to $3.5 trillion in 2016. The biggest causes of death are considered heart disease, cancer, and stroke. A fourth of Americans annual healthcare costs go towards treatment for those diseases. The overall medical industry comprises of 70% of funds going out towards treatment in chronic disease. The following list of medical company names is comprised from a variety of medical related businesses across the United State that focus on needed medical equipment and treatments in an effort to increase the abilities of doctors in medical facilities.

A Medical Supply Co.
AAA Hospital Warehouse
AeroCare Home Medical
After Hours Medical
Agilent Technologies Inc.
Alert Transportation
All Aboard Medical Transport
Allenton Medical Devices
A-Medi Inc.
Ancestral Health Coach
Anodyne Therapy LLC
Argon Medical Devices
Arthrosurface Inc.
Arthur Health
Astro Medical Devices Corporation
ATech Designs, Inc.
Bay Medical Company
Become Healthy
Beeline Medical Transport
Biomet Inc.
Blue Line Health Care Co.
Blue Space Medical Systems
Boston Scientific Corp
Brilliant Life Chiropractic
Cactus Chiropractic Lifestyle Center
Caldera Medical Inc.
Capital Medical Billing
Cardinal Health
Castle Health Care
CCC Medical Co.
Change and Evolve
City Pharmacy
Cleveland Medical Devices Inc.
Code Right Medical Supply
Comfort and Care Medical Supplies
CPR Medical Service
CrossPoint Medical Supplier
Darrel Hospital Equipment
Day Track
Down The River Medical Transport
Eagle Trace Spine and Support
Efficient Coaching
Eureka Family Dental
Express Laboratory
Family Chiropractic Center of Bayonne
Finding A Better You
First Choice Health
First Safe Medical Systems
Flatline Medical Supply
Functional Medical Institute
Gold Medical Testing
Good Health Therapy
Grace Medical
Green Earth Medical
GTiven Imaging Inc.
Hardy Diagnostics
Hawthorne Health Corp.
Hawthorne Hospital Supplies
Health First Medical Supply
Heart of Hope In-Home Health Care
Heartbeat Industries
Hill Rom Co Inc.
Hologic Inc.
Hospira Inc.
Humana Inc.
Hustle Hut
IDEV Technologies Inc.
Intelligent Health Inc.
Intelligent Labs
Invincible Gut
JTech Medical
KMC Systems Inc.
Kyocera International Inc.
Lifeline Medical Supply
Live Healthy
Madison St. Medical Supply
Majesty Medical Supply
MannKind Corporation
Market America Inc.
Med Wings Medical Systems
Medi Castle
Medi-Cab Transportation
Merry Medic LifeWatchers
Mind Your Businessect
Murad Medical Group
National Respiratory Medical Co.
Nelson Laboratories Inc.
Nightwatch Medical
North Quest
Nutricia North America
Off The Cross Medical Service
Olympus America Inc.
Omnicell, Inc.
On Call Medics
On Time Medical Transportation
On Your Mark Medical Service
Paramedic Medical Supplies
Patriot Medical Supply Co.
Phillips Pharmaceuticals
Price Medical
Priority Medical
Providence Little
Resole Your Life
Restore Total Wellness
Revolution Wellness
Sable Medical Institute
Sandy Plains Chiropractic
Sarah’s Touch of Health
SATO America
Second Sight Medical Product
Select Medical Supply
Shark Medical Services
Siemens Healthcare
Simply Abundant Health
Smiths Medical ASD Inc.
Solta Medical Inc.
Span America Medical Systems
St. Thomas Medical Service
Streamlined Hospital Supplies
Suncoast Medical Supply
The Aspen Clinic
The Healthy Tradie ProjKetoned Bodies
The Real Health Thing
The Superhuman Project
Thrive on the Basics
True to our Makings
Vascular Solutions Inc.
Via Biomedical Inc.
VulcanMed Research
Webster’s Medical Supplies
Wellness Rediscovery
Wildly Better
Your Mind is Infinite
Your Wellbeing

The following infographic outlines the growing trend of using mobile devices to practice medical information and provide access to support devices. Currently, there are almost 100,000 apps related to heart and fitness.

Mobile Healthcare Statistics

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