List of 39 Best Medical Company Names

The medical industry has risen vastly in costs over the last decade. From an estimated $2.8 trillion in present time, costs are expected to soar to $3.5 trillion in 2016. The biggest causes of death are considered heart disease, cancer, and stroke. A fourth of Americans annual healthcare costs go towards treatment for those diseases. The overall medical industry comprises of 70% of funds going out towards treatment in chronic disease. The following list of medical company names is comprised from a variety of medical related businesses across the United State that focus on needed medical equipment and treatments in an effort to increase the abilities of doctors in medical facilities.

Agilent Technologies Inc.
Anodyne Therapy LLC
Argon Medical Devices
Arthrosurface Inc.
Astro Medical Devices Corporation
ATech Designs, Inc.
Biomet Inc.
Boston Scientific Corp
Caldera Medical Inc.
Cleveland Medical Devices Inc.
GTiven Imaging Inc.
Hardy Diagnostics
Hologic Inc.
Hospira Inc.
Humana Inc.
IDEV Technologies Inc.
JTech Medical
KMC Systems Inc.
Kyocera International Inc.
Market America Inc.
Medtronic Inc.
Murad Medical Group
Nelson Laboratories Inc.
Nutricia North America
Olympus America Inc.
Omnicell, Inc.
SATO America
Second Sight Medical Product
Siemens Healthcare
Smiths Medical ASD Inc.
Solta Medical Inc.
Span America Medical Systems
Vascular Solutions Inc.
Via Biomedical Inc.

The following infographic outlines the growing trend of using mobile devices to practice medical information and provide access to support devices. Currently, there are almost 100,000 apps related to heart and fitness.

Mobile Healthcare Statistics