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List of 35 Good Toy Company Names

The United States toy industry is valued at $21.5 billion each year. It continues to grow during a recession era and where competition is high. Mattel and Hasbro currently control 40% of the market with their empire. In the United States, the children population only accounts for 4% of the world, however Americans purchase 40% of the world’s toy industry. This industry is valued more than the movie and music industry combined. The following list of toy company names are collected from around the United States to help you find the encouragement need to create your own brand.

American Girl Place
Benjo Inc.
Berwyn’s Toys Trains & Models
Building Blocks Toy Store
Children’s Gift Shop
Finnegans Toys & Gifts Inc.
Galt Toys
Genuine Toy Co.
Grandrabbits Toy Shoppe
Horton Toy Store
Kazoo & Company
Kid Robot
Kidding Around
Kinder Haus Toys
Learning Express Toys
Magic Mouse Toys
Mary Arnold Toys
Ok Play
Nintendo World
Phillips Toy Mart
Puzzle Zoo
Radio Flyer
Terra Toys
The Hobby Shop
The Learning Tree
The Toy Maven
Toy Box
Toy Industry Association Inc.
Toys and Co.
Toys Unique
US Toy Company

In the United States, Americans provide a $280 budget per each kid to have yearly. This is 14 times more than what the Chinese spend on their children. Their budget is only $20. The below infographic outlines additional statistics about the ever changing toy industry.

Toy Industry Facts and Statistics

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