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List of 33 Catchy Gun Company Names

The United States gun industry sees an annual revenue of $11.7 billion. This includes both gun and ammunition sales, resulting in almost a billion dollars of profit. With almost 130,00 licensed firearm dealers in the United States, millions of guns are sold each year. The top gun seller in the United States is Freedom Group, Inc. Americans own a third of the guns in the world, but make up less than 1 percent of the population. The following listing of gun company names are currently existing throughout the United States but make up a very small portion of existing companies out there.

Accurate Arms
Allegheny Trade Co.
Braverman Arms Company
Centerfire Systems Inc.
Cranston Gun and Coin
Direct Sports Supply
Efinger Sporting Goods
FirArms Sales Co. LLC
Freedom Armory Shooting Range
Gander Mountain
Green Mountain Rifle Barrel Co.
Henry Repeating Arms Co.
Ithaca Gun Company
Juniata Trading Co.
Lawmen Supply Co.
Pro Armanent Co.
Riley’s Sport Shop
Rocky Mountain Supply Co.
Savage Arms Inc.
Sig Sauer Inc.
Sportman’s Supply Co.
Sportsman’s Trading Company
Tannermans Trading Company
The Buffalo Trading Company
Tombstone Trading Company
Top Gun Supply
Traget Sports
Undercover Arms Co.
Union Arms Company
Virginia Arms Co
Wild Indian Gun Co
Williams Gun Sight Company
Zeus Sporting Goods Co.

Wal-Mart offers over 400 guns and 300 types of ammo. They are considered the largest seller of guns in the United States. Approximately 1 in every 3 American households have a gun with over 3 million imported into the United States. Over 5 million guns are manufactured here. An average of 20 million FBI background checks are performed on those that want to buy a gun. The below infographic outlines current gun industry facts.

Gun Industry Facts

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