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List of 101 Cool Diner Names

The diner industry has changed in recent times with new health options made available to children and adults alike. Job creation within this industry has been on a slow rise, seeing a 3% growth in 2012 compared to the overall 1.4% growth nation wide. Restaurants are expected to employ 13.1 million people, accounting for 10 percent of the United States workforce. The following list of current diner names from around the nation are meant to inspire your own brand. Some of these existing diners have been existent for years while others aim to capture a classic retro appeal to visitors.

A Taste of Heaven Diner
All American Diner
Applejack Diner
Bacon Bros. Diner
Barnyard Breakfast Diner
Better Dine
Blacktop Diner
Blue Hill
Bourbon Street Diner
Calendar Girls Diner
Cheyenne Diner
City Diner
Cottage Place Restaurant
Country Diner
Countryside Diner
Derby House Diner
Dimples Diner & Family Restaurant
Dine Right Diner
Diner the Great
DineRite Diner
Downtown Diner
Egg Platter Diner
Empire Diner
Farmhouse Diner
Flying Cherry
Golden Pigeon Diner
Golden Touch Diner
Good Eats Diner
Good Stuff Diner
Grandma Susie’s Kitchen
Grandma’s House
Greta’s 24/7 Dine In
Grub N’ Stuff Diner
Happy Clap
Happy Hostess Diner
Horseshoe Diner
Jackson Hole Diner
Joy Spice
Just Alive Diner
Karen’s Kitchen
Kim’s Place
Lamp Post Diner
Late Night Dine Right
Legends Diner
Midnight Express Diner
Momma’s Kitchen
Monday Mist
Monroe’s Place
Moonstruck Diner
Morning Coffee Diner
Munch Box
Mustache Bill’s Diner
No Wait Diner
Nothing Fancy Restaurant
One Man Band Diner
Oregon Spoon
Over Easy Diner
Parkway Diner
Pinup Paradise Diner
Rascal Rally Diner
Rejoice Diner
Remedy Diner
Roller Derby Diner
Roller Gals Diner
Rosie’s Place
Ruby’s Diner
Seasons 52
Shake Shack
Shipwreck Diner
Showmakers Grille
Skyline Diner
Speedy’s Diner
Static Served
Sunny Side Up Diner
Sunrise Diner
Sunshine Diner
The American Restaurant
The Blue Plate Diner
The Counter
The Crispy Biscuit
The Diner Train
The Eatery
The French Laundry
The Golden Biscuit
The Golden Spoon
The Great Breakfast Diner
The Hobbit
The Kitchen Restaurant
The Macintosh
The Silver Flare
The Sizzling Griddle
Tick Tock Diner
Two Men and a Griddle
Urban City Kitchen
Urban Mood
Wallflower Diner

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