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List of 75 Good Step Team Names

Dancing can be a great activity to get involved in that benefits both your health and heart. However, many common injuries can also occur for those dancing. More than 40% of injuries occur in children between the ages of 15 and 19. This accounts for 4 out of every 10 dancers. To help prevent injuries, warming up, stretching, and use proper technique can help. A selection of great step team names from across the United States are compiled below.

500 Miles
A Case of Winey Women
A Fish Called Wander
A Step In The Right Direction
Beat Cha Feet
Blister Sisters
Chafed Junk
Chicks with Kicks
Cool Runnings
Dark Nights of the Sole
Dead Jocks In a Box
Dead on Arrival
Dizzy Dashers
Filskit Selkies
Firm Steps
Happy Feet
Holy Walkamolies
Honey Bees Side Steppers
Hood to Toast
Hot Chili Steppers
Hot Sexy Steppers
Ivory Towering Inferno
Lady Eagles
Law & Disorder
Law and Odor
Led Steppin’
Little Steps of Hope
Making Strides
Manic Mommies
Mixed Bag of Nuts
More Cowbell
Never Say Never
Our Giga Hurts
Out Chasing Booty
Pepper Steppers
Phat Chicks
Rapid Thigh Movement
Red Hot Feet Movers
River City Ramblers
Road Trash
Run Like The Winded
Running for Shelter
Sole Sisters
Sole Survivors
Sole Train
Split End Steppers
Stella Steppers
Step Team
Steppers Onboard
Steppin’ Out
Stepping it Up
Steps – The Reunion
Super Troupers
Swag Steppers
Take a Hike
Taking Strides
Team Badger
Terror in Meatspace
The Bearded Badger
The Brews Brothers
The Cereal Killers
The Fat and the Furious
The Holistic Chicks
The Poor Unfortunate Soles
The Smooth Operators
The Veracious Pacers
The Walkaholics
The Walkie Talkies
The Young and the Wreckless
Thump Rhythms
Too Stupid to Stop
Walking Wounded
Your Pace or Mine?

Children and adolescents alike enjoy dancing. The most common injuries occur in the lower extremities, ankle, and knees. Over 20% of injuries are in the upper extremity with 12% of those occurring with the head. The most common cause of injury are falls 45% of the time. The below infographic takes a look at the dangers of dancing.

Dance Related Injuries

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