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13 Latest Wearable Technology Statistics and Trends


The Rise of Wearable Technology

In contemporary times, wearable technology is becoming a buzz word, but it dates back as far as 1200s with inventions that change the way we live and track life.

Lets take a look at the journey so far.

In 2011, an estimated 14 million wearable devices were shipped. This is expected to rise to between 39 million and 171 million in 2016.

In 2012, 35.1% of the wearable technology was in the medical sector. 61% of all such products in the market were fitness based or activity tracker while 69% of adults track a health care indicator for themselves or others.

In the 1200s, early eye glasses were made from crystals instead of glasses. This was a calculating tool in ancient China.

By 1600, an Abacus was created by the Qing Dynasty on a special ring. This was a calculating tool in ancient China.

By 1762, John Harrison invested the pocket watch, 1907 witnessed the creation of the first wrist watch which was commissioned by Alberto Santos Dumont.

1977, the HP 01 algebraic calculator watch was developed by HP and was sold for $650. It was an icon of wealth and technology in this time.

The wearable shoe was developed in 1978, and it was designed to predict the roulette wheels and guarantee a win at the casinos.

By 1993, a wearable computer with GPS called the pathfinder was developed with radial detection system.

In 1994, the wearable wireless head cam was developed by Steve Mann. It was capable of transmitting images from one point to another through amateur television frequencies from an analog camera mounted on the head to an SGI base station.

2009, Bluetooth earrings were developed by Illy Fridman and it was referred to as the ripple headset.

Nike+ Sports band developed “Talk” in 2010. It featured a sensor in your sneakers which gives you all details with respect to your running activity.

2012 witnesses lots of wearable technologies from companies like Nile, Fitbot, 4iii, Wahoo Fitness, and many more companies. These products were featured at the consumer electronics show.

In 2013, there are lots more. The Google Glasses is a camera, touch pad, display, microphone, and battery all integrated in a spectacle frame so you can take pictures and record lots of data on the go.

Memoto is a wearable camera that takes photo of life automatically which can be searched and shared through Memoto’s web and mobile applications.

Apple Smart Watch is a gadget worn on the wrist. It can be synchronized with your phone. It can display information, play music and function similarly to a smartphone.

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