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Lamborghini Veneno vs. Ferrari LaFerrari


The Fastest Cars in the World: How They Compare

Are you in the market for a super-fast speed king of sports cars? Maybe you should consider the Lamborghini Veneno, the Ferrari LaFerrari, or the McLaren P1. These titans of the high-end auto industry are some of the best of the best. Let’s see how they measure up when compared side by side.

The Lamborghini Veneno: Only Three Ever Made

The Veneno production run only released three cars, making this ultra-fast beauty as rare as a work of art. It was built to commemorate the company’s 50th anniversary and the name comes from the Spanish word for “venom.”

It can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just 2.8 seconds, which is faster than the leading Ferrari. It’s fastest speed was clocked at 355 km/h. It has a V12 engine with 6.5 liters and weighs 1,450 kilograms, while also packing 55d kilowatts of power. It is a truly legendary machine. However, it outstrips the others in terms of price, with a value of over 4.6 million dollars.

The McLaren P1: The Environmentally-Friendly Option

The P1, made by the British auto-manufacturer McLaren, is a plug-in hybrid super-car that uses Formula 1 technology with green engineering. It includes an Internal Power Assist System to increase acceleration and a Drag Reduction System, designed to increase speed by adjusting the wing on the back.

As for acceleration, it doesn’t perform quite as well as the Lamborghini Veneno, but can reach 100 km/h in just under 3.0 seconds. Unlike the Veneno, it can continue accelerating until 200 km/h, getting there in just under 7.0 seconds, and to 300 km/h in under 17.0 seconds. It has a smaller, V8 twin turbo engine, weighs 1,395 kilograms and has 673 kilowatts of power. It has a lower price tag, at $1.3 million.

The Ferrari LaFerrari: Continuing the Classic Legacy

For reliable show-stopping, there’s not much that can beat the LaFerrari. It has the same acceleration stats as the McLaren P1, but a much larger engine. It is lighter than the other two, at 1,100 kilograms, and has 708 kilowatts of power. It also has a V12 engine with 6.3 liters. It is currently valued at $1.5 million.

These are all great options for super-fast sports cars. Visit a specialty dealer to see these and other models, and test them out for yourself.

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