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Increase Website Page Views through Visitor Engagement Techniques

Increase Website Page Views through Visitor Engagement Techniques

How to Engage Your Web Visitors

Get your website visitors to return to your site by engaging them as much as you possibly can. There are several ways that you can do this. First, update your content as often as possible. Second, make your visitors feel special. Thirdly, make your website as user-friendly as possible. Finally, punch up your website with personality and humor. These four elements combined are the holy grail of web-visitor engagement.

1. Update your Content

Keep your content fresh with daily updates. Include pictures if you can of events, people wearing or using your products or even of yourself and your staff. Add in as much information as possible; you want your content to be valuable to your users. Don’t forget to keep it short. Try to pack as much information in as few words as possible. Your users probably read 10 to 20 different websites a day; don’t overwhelm them with massive amounts of text.

2. Make your visitors feel special

Keep your website visitors engaged with daily deals, competitions and exclusive offers. Daily deals can include half off merchandise, freebies and buy one get one deals. Competitions may include games, user contests or anything you can think of. Get ideas from your competition. One great contest maybe a free product for the user who enters the best photo of themselves wearing or using your product. Offer discounts to customers who refer 10 or more people to your website. The possibilities are endless, use your creativity.

3. Make your website Usable

Is your website easy to navigate? Does each and every clickable link and button work and send your user to the appropriate page? Can your web visitor find what they are looking for in 5 seconds or less? To optimize your webpage usability, test it on consumers. Perform market research. How are your conversion rates and registration numbers doing? Constantly try to improve your site’s design, appearance and flow. Minimize unnecessary bells and whistles; these clutter up your site and make it harder for your viewer to find what they are looking for. Streamline your design. Strive to constantly improve your website.

4. Punch it up with Personality

People love reading about other people. Give your website that personal touch with videos and photographs of yourself, your employees and customer testimonials. Use humor in these photographs and videos if you can. Look at how popular Cracked.com is: everybody loves a good laugh. Humor and personality will keep your website visitors coming back—and they’ll share your site with their friends.

Use these four simple strategies to make your website stand out to your users. If your website stands out, your visitors will notice. They will keep coming back and recommend your site to everyone you know. Don’t forget about including those social media buttons for easy sharing.

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