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How to Write Value Proposition Statements


Value proposition, or telling customers what your product can do for them and why they should choose you over others, is not used nearly enough online as a marketing tool. But doing so can be very easy and very effective. Here, we will tell you more about why you should think about using value proposition on your webpage. We will also tell you what great value proposition looks like. If you are not yet using value proposition on your webpage, you may be missing out.

Why You Should

Why should you use value proposition on your webpage? Well, over half of companies do nothing to utilize this important sales tactic. Even when well over half have a stated value proposition. By far, posting a value proposition on your page is the most important thing that you can do for sales and conversions. It tells your customers why they should choose you over others. It also lets them know what problems you can help customers solve with your products. Lastly, value proposition tells customers just what they can expect when it comes to the benefits of using your products.

What a Value Proposition Looks Like

What, exactly, does a great value proposition on a webpage looks like? It includes all the elements mentioned above. The simplest way to lay it out on your webpage is to have a large headline that tells your customers just what the benefit is of using your product. Then, have a very brief paragraph that describes more about your target audience, your product, and why you produce said product. Three bullet points to have benefits and featured listed can also be included, here. A visual element like a video or series of pictures should be included on your page.

Tactics to Use

Be sure to use tested and effective tactics when writing your value propositions. When writing your value proposition, be sure that everything your write is clear, concise, and easy to understand. They should get it in just a few seconds. Tell your customers just what they can get when they choose you. Set your product apart by telling customers just how it is better than the rest. You may want to consider developing a value proposition for each of the products or services that you offer. Doing so can really help customers to understand why they should choose your business and products, period, over all others.

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