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How to Write a Business Case Study


The use of case studies by business all over the world to educate customers and increase the conversations about their brand has seen a steady growth. They are more efficient than brochures or flyers in getting people to know and understand your business. The stories shared on the case study evoke emotion and paint a picture to give your presentation the power to stick in the minds of your clients. The following checklist will help you in eliminating any potential hurdles in creating case studies.

1) Show Off Your USP.
USP stands for the unique selling proposition and you ought to show it off in your case study. Go beyond the features and delve deeper by explaining the real benefits that your customers are getting. The benefits can be in the form of time saved, customer care support, and many others. Develop a case study focusing on one sector of your audience. This will show that you understand your audience.

2) Consider Location.
A general case study will not do enough to boost your credibility. Focus on one place and watch both local and global prospects start streaming in. This is out of showing that you have been successful in a particular location and you can reciprocate the success in other areas of the world. Your credibility will soar if you focus on an industry that you see yourself growing in. In case you are involved in many sectors, create a case study for each one. Start by mentioning and outlining the challenges that you have experienced along the way and how you have risen above them to achieve success.

3) Get Customer Collaboration.
History has shown that this is the trickiest part of the case study making process. Identify and recruit the clients who have given their gratitude to participate in the case study. Next, decide on the customers to use whether high profile customers or the common folk to inspire prospective customers.
During the case study, clarify who has the final approval by creating a timetable to guide the undertaking of the case study and its final approval.

4) Prepare a Case Study Interview.
Take time to get familiar with the departments in your company that customers have interacted with in the past. This coupled with the client’s point of view will help you in creating a detailed and better interview questions. The language you use for the case study should coincide with the language of the client.

The above steps will help you to prepare a detailed case study. Include visual elements in your case study and work with your client’s schedule for the best results.

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