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How to Wake Up Feeling Refreshed


Millions of people wake up feeling groggy every morning. It doesn’t matter what day or month it is and what season it is, people suffering from mild or severe sleep deprivation, bogged down under professional and personal commitments, constantly in pursuit of something or the other will always struggle to stay upbeat all the time. The worst time is the morning when one has to literally force oneself to get up and get going for the day. When you are expected to do it every day for your entire life, it becomes cumbersome. Here are some simple ways to get over that seemingly unavoidable grogginess every morning.

1) You have to get enough sleep.
It is untrue that you can do with four hours of sleep. Every adult needs eight hours of sleep in twenty four hours. That is what science tells us and our evolutionary realization has taught us. You could get eight hours of sleep at once or you could break it into a siesta of say two hours and a good six hours sleep at night. Since siesta is out of question for millions of working women and men and busy homemakers, eight hours at night is nonnegotiable.

2) Eliminate nighttime distractions.
To facilitate a good night sleep, avoid watching television just before bed, don’t indulge in heavy eating or drinking just before you plan to crash, do not toil with your phone or computer, tablet or laptop on bed and try to give yourself some peace time every night for at least half an hour as you prepare for bedtime. These steps will give your body the opportunity to unwind and prepare for a restful sleep.

3) Take action first thing in the morning.
Every morning, wake up and head straight for a shower or to get some natural light. As you expose your body to sunlight, it shakes the slumberous aftermath. The same can be done with a shower. Ideally, you should do both. An even better approach is to go for a jog every morning. You could do yoga, go on brisk walks or do some cross training if you want. The trick is to combine sunlight with activity and then to have a shower to be completely ready and raring to take on the world.

4) Drink plenty of water through the day.
Have a good breakfast and a nice meal for lunch or dinner. Two good meals and healthy snacks are the best way to go about your day. Do not binge on coffee or aerated beverages. Don’t smoke or drink too much. These will interfere with your sleep patterns. When you choose a sleep schedule, stick to it even on weekends.

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