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How to Wake Up Earlier in the Morning


With the right morning routine, you can improve your productivity. You can be more conscious of your surroundings. It might even turn you into a friendlier person. Here is what you’ll want to do to take back your mornings each day.

1) Plan Ahead.
Get everything ready the night before. Program the coffee maker. Get your clothes set out. Pack your lunch, if needed. With a little preparation, you’ll save yourself some critical minutes during your morning routine.

2) Wake Up Earlier.
Give yourself 30 extra minutes in the morning by waking up earlier. Try to get up at 6am, if not before. The extra time will relieve the stress you experience while getting ready in a rush. You’ll have time to read the news, sip some coffee, or even go for a morning walk before work.

3) Turn Off the Electronics.
Give yourself at least 60 minutes of freedom from your electronic devices. Some people may want a 90-minute break to maximize the time they have to wind things down each night. This will help you get better sleep each night.

4) Get Moving.
Don’t hit the snooze button, even if you’re tempted to do so. Make the decision to get moving instead. It will help you feel more alert.

5) Follow the Same Schedule.
Try to do the same thing each day when you get started in the morning. A morning routine cues the brain to keep moving forward to each task that needs to be done. Avoid checking in on work-related tasks until it is time to be at work.

6) Check Your Email Last.
Use the first 15 minutes of your work day very carefully. That first time period at work tends to be when you are the most productive. Work toward checking off items on your to-do list right away when there are fewer distractions around. Only when you’ve finished those important items is it a good time to check your email.

7) Have Breakfast Together.
Having a meal with your family before heading to work can set the stage for a good day. It’s a chance to check-in with each other, plan for the day, and discuss potential issues. Try to play some music in the background instead of having the television on.

With a great morning routine, you can make any day become a good one. Use these ideas to see how productive your time can be.

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