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How to Use Negative Keywords in Adwords


Here are some important points captured in this infographic…

1) Utilize Tools That Are Already Available To You.
Maximizing your click through rate (or CTR) and minimizing you cost per click (or CPC) is at the heart of running any successful targeted online campaign. One of the greatest available resources for you to better direct your negative keywords is through the Google Adword service. By typing in your potential keywords, you can find negative keywords that you do not want people to see. This way, you get the best possible return on your marketing investment.

2) Tailor Your Negative Keywords To Different Regions.
Business and companies can act on all different levels. From those simply serving their community with a brick and mortar store to those that provide online services across the United States and even abroad, directly targeting your keywords and negative keywords to locations means that no person will ever click through to your service and be turned away because it is unavailable to them. Consider negative keywords based on local area codes, zip codes, countries, counties, states, cities, and towns.

3) Focus On Alternate Meaning And Double Check To Make Sure People Aren’t Clicking For The Wrong Reasons.
Want to sell a bow? How about a fly service? When a person sees either of these words used, they may have no idea what you actually mean, and click to find out, only to find that they do not require your service. Along with creating confusion, this will also cost you money. For every keyword you use, check to see if there are any alternative meanings for those words. In addition, it never hurts to go through a thesaurus worth of terms to see if there is a better way to say the same thing that people might use in their searches. As a final note, be aware of abbreviations.

4) Consider Like Businesses And Their Keywords.
If you are having trouble coming up with any other potential negative keywords to use, then check out similar business and see what words they are using. Focus on their top works and make sure that if they have any similarity to yours that they are taken out. By stressing only those words that directly apply to your intended meaning and goals, you can save yourself a great deal of money through clicks. In the end, you design a better and more efficient marketing campaign that will be the basis of comparison for years to come.

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