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How to Take More Risks in Business and Life


Risk is a double edged sword. You could become a success story or you could fail miserably. Despite the two extremes and the myriad interim outcomes, risk is quintessential. If you don’t take risks, then you would never know if something much better could become of you or your enterprise. Everyone should be a risk taker. However, the risks must be calculated. It has actually become a cliché now. Every famous or financially successful person will tell you that one must indulge in calculated risks. Let us first explore why you should become a risk taker.

1) Turn the Clock Back Around Five Hundred Years.
The fifteen and sixteenth centuries are known as the age of exploration. Europeans set sail across the Atlantic, down the Mediterranean, beyond the Indian Ocean and spread out all across the world. What started as a voyage to find a sea route to Asia quickly turned out to be a race among nations or kingdoms as they were then to find new lands, explore new regions of the world, to increase trade, unearth riches and then to establish colonies. Colonization led to an explored world and eventually led to globalization. If it wasn’t a Christopher Columbus, Vasco da Gama, John Cabot or any of the dozen other famous explorers, then it may have been someone else, perhaps a century later. But the reality remains, that some people took the risk to set sails and lose sight of the shore and they found new land. They explored the world we inhabit.

2) Bring It To A Personal Context.
For a company, taking risk is the only way to test the true potential of an individual or prospects of a company. There are companies that don’t think of selling to a different target audience, don’t risk untested marketing campaigns and even conform to existing pricing models and other systems. Doing everything the same way as it has been done and everyone else is doing will get you the same results. Risk taking is nothing but an act of doing something that is not tested or hasn’t been done by your organization. Now, let us focus on how you should be a risk taker.

3) There Are Just a Few Golden Rules Pertaining to Know You Can Take Calculated Risks.
Don’t risk everything but don’t avoid risk because you are afraid of failure. Be positive, work on the venture, develop a strategy and see it through. Commit yourself to the risk and be willing to fail entirely. Success is not the only positive possibility of risks. Learning a lesson is equally contributive.

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