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How to Start Your Own Podcast

How to Start Your Own Podcast

Here are some important takeaways to remember from this infographic…

1) Create a vision and guideline for your Podcast.
Every great Podcast has a point. Start this process off by examining the Podcasts that you really like. What service are they providing for you? Is it information? Is it emotional support? Identify this and define your Podcast goals. In addition, consider the possible audience you will have and be directed to. Your audience will be affected by the kind of format you choose.

Are you going for quick 3 minute sections or sections that are drawn out and detailed? With that out of the way, you can begin focusing on a name and album art. Both of these will be how people will see you and are as crucial to becoming well known as the basic goals you are making a Podcast about.

2) Work out the kinks through a first trial recording.
The first part of planning a trial recording includes creating a structure around what you want to talk about. With a lead in, content, and ending, there is a great deal of versatility to how you design your Podcast. When recording your first trial recording, you will end up producing a raw recording. This raw recording will have to go through editing for a number of reasons.

Along with balancing sound quality and removing background noise, the editing can help to make transitions easier, remove pauses, and generally clean up the content to improve the listener’s experience. This will take some time to figure out on your first trial recording as you will need to explore the editing software, load files successfully up, and then review the content in a way that you are satisfied with.

3) Put time aside for planning when you will release Podcast.
Will your Podcast be daily, weekly, or monthly? Knowing when you are going to release a Podcast means generating a schedule for recording and editing prior to publishing. This means you will have to work backwards from the publishing time and make sure that you have enough leeway in case there are things that have to be changed at the last moment.

4) Create the surrounding content.
A Podcast is more then just audio. It is the sum total of effects, editing, album artwork, website artwork, external promotion, and marketing that makes a Podcast successful. Once you have a schedule and have begun releasing Podcasts, then you will want to think about who might want to receive your Podcasts. With that information you can market directly towards those who are most likely to listen.

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