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How to Start a Knife Sharpening Business

There are three guarantees in life: taxes will need to be paid, death is going to happen, and knives that are regularly used will become dull. Instead of throwing out a dull knife and paying for a new one, a knife sharpening business can allow those who use knives to pay a smaller fee to sharpen the knife so that it becomes useable once again. If you have a passion for knives, then you may just want to know how to start a knife sharpening business.

Do You Have What It Takes For This Opportunity?

The owner of a knife sharpening business needs to have certain qualities about them in order to maximize their potential success. First and foremost, you must have a passion for being able to fix things and work with tools. Knives will come into your shop beat up, nicked up, and overly abused and you’ll be asked to fix the problem. This means you must also love being able to solve a tough mechanical problem.

You must also be precise with your hands. Knife sharpening is a delicate skill that requires precision tools. One error while sharpening a knife and you may just find yourself buying that customer a replacement knife instead.

Having a knife sharpening business also means being able to be patient with people. Customers can be demanding at times and expect faster turnarounds then you’re able to provide. If you can take a breath, offer people the best service you possibly can, and do so consistently, then you might just be ready to start this type of business.

Why Is Now the Right Time To Start a Knife Sharpening Business?

In today’s world, the focus is on conservation. One of the lessons learned from the 2008 Great Recession is that frivolous spending can wind up costing a household their entire budget and create fast forms of debt. By being able to recycle their old knives into useable knives once again with your services, they’ll be able to spend less cash overall, get a sharp knife in return, and feel good about the fact that they didn’t waste any resources.

An added advantage to this particular type of business is the fact that people see knife sharpening as a time-honored tradition that is passed down from generation to generation. People will actively seek you out so that their knives can be sharpened because it makes their jobs, whether it be cooking or whittling or something in-between, a whole lot easier.

Do You Already Know How To Sharpen Knives?

There’s only one primary skill needed with a knife sharpening business and it’s a pretty self-explanatory skill. If you have a passion for knives and the outdoors and don’t know how to properly sharpen a blade, however, you can still get involved with this type of business. Attending a class that will give you the necessary training to professionally sharpen a knife is affordable, happens over the course of 7-14 days, and can help you get a niche business started that your community might need.

If you do have the skills in place, then you’re going to need sharpening equipment. Don’t think that you’re going to be able to get away with just a few honing rods as the way to sharpen a knife. People are going to bring you blades that are damaged, pitted, tarnished, and rusted. They’re going to have high expectations. Having ancillary tools and supplies will help you be able to reach those high expectations.

As long as you can provide a professional edge for each knife that comes into your business, you’ll be able to create and maintain a positive reputation. A professional edge is also the best way to earn the most amount of money possible in this business niche.

What Is the Earnings Potential of a Knife Sharpening Business?

The total cost to get this type of business off the ground is typically going to be around $10k. That’s enough capital to purchasing sharpening equipment, extra tools, and any supplies that you’re going to need. You will also be spending some of that money to market your services, secure a workshop, and give yourself a small salary to get going.

The average price that is charged today to sharpen a knife is $5. If you can sharpen 200 knives during the course of a week, then you’ll be able to clear $1,000 worth of revenue every week. Most sharpeners can do that amount of work in about 20 hours per week, so it is very possible to open up a knife sharpening business as a part-time venture if you wish.

There are some ways to increase the potential of work that you’ve got coming in as well. Sharpening scissors and other tools will give you some extra revenue sources. You may be able to charge different amounts for different types of knives as well. In total, a first year’s anticipated revenues of $52,000 is not out of the question, but it all depends on your precision, turnaround times, and the overall amount of available customers.

Are You Ready To Get Your Business Started Today?

A knife sharpening business is a great way to make money while doing something you love. You don’t even need to have a high profile location to open up your business because people will come to you when their knives grow dull and useless. As long as you secure business and taxing licenses that are required by your community, you’ll be able to quickly start a potentially lucrative business within the next several weeks – even if you have no formal training right now in knife sharpening.

People are trying to conserve their items as much as possible today. They’re not just wanting to recycle. They’re wanting to reuse worn out items as well. Knowing how to start a knife sharpening business will allow them to achieve these goals and you’ll be able to generate a potentially comfortable living at the same time.

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