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How to Start a Floor Cleaning Business

Have you ever walked into a business and noticed how dirty the floors happened to be? One of the most common issues a business faces is a floor that is not 100% sanitary. You’ll often see a beautifully polished floor, but then there’s a ring around that cleanliness right along the walls that turns customers away. If you want to know how to start a floor cleaning business, this is the first problem you’re going to need to solve. Do it and prove it and you’ll get plenty of business.

You’ll also want to begin following these steps to make sure that your business has a solid foundation to build upon for the future.

1. Attend Janitorial College.

There are numerous best practices that have been developed for the janitorial and cleaning industries. You’ll be able to learn these best practices by attending a janitorial college. It’s more like a 1-2 week seminar on how to properly clean a floor and it is time that will be well-spent. When you can follow current best practices, you’ll be able to save time and work through more contracts, helping your profit margins.

2. Get the Equipment You Need.

Floor cleaning requires more than just a broom and a mop. You will need to have polishing equipment that will help to bring about a better shine to the floor. You’ll need specific cleaners and cleansers for the type of floor that is being cared for by your company. Vacuum cleaners and stain removers will be needed for carpeted floors. This will be your primary expense.

What is the best equipment to get? You’ll want to look at backpack vacuum cleaners to limit injuries and improve speed. Microfiber mops will help to make it easier to clean difficult spaces. Scrubbers and polishers can be purchased or rented as needed to put on that final touch of floor care to leave a lasting impression.

3. Discover Your Identity.

There are three business models that work with a floor care business.

  • You can create your own business from scratch and work as an independent contractor.
  • You can choose to pay for a franchise so that you have an instantly marketable name for your floor care business.
  • You can incorporate a new business and hire an executive team and cleaning staff that will serve your community.

When it comes to floor care, most entrepreneurs will start out as independent contractors because costs are lower and fewer supplies and equipment generally need to be purchased. It takes more capital to start a corporation, but it can also generate more revenues. Franchise opportunities are available for highly competitive markets where brand identity is critical to success.

4. Prove It.

The cleaning industry is difficult because you’re only as good as your last job. If you leave someone with just one negative experience, it can be enough for them to cancel your contract. You’ve got to prove yourself every time you go out to work if you want your business to become successful. Respond quickly to complaints and be prepared to fix problems, even if they don’t seem like problems, because value is seen through a lack of negativity in this industry instead of the presence of a consistent, positive outcome.

5. Innovate.

To bring in better profits, it becomes necessary to continually innovate so that you can get through contracts faster without compromising on the integrity of the work. This might come through equipment modification, routine changes, product changes, or through ongoing staff education. Floors don’t change their size, which means it’s up to your business to change its approach if more money needs to be made.

6. Expand.

Many businesses attempt to care for their own floors to save money. Residential customers take the same approach. What you’ve got to do is show your customers that your services have more value than what they can do on their own. To expand your services, consider taking care of multiple types of floors and different business sectors so that you can be as busy as you want to be.

Knowing how to start a floor cleaning business is pretty basic. Get your equipment, purchase your supplies, and make sure you have a database of cleaning knowledge inside your mind that can be accessed. Market these skills and do a consistently good job. If that consistency becomes your reputation, then your business will be a dominant force.

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