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How to Overcome the 7 Biggest Blogging Mistakes

Biggest Blogging Mistakes

Blogging can make you a millionaire. But most bloggers don’t make anything substantial. That is because they are going wrong, in many ways. There are many myths about blogging and those have somehow become the tenets for aspiring bloggers. Not only does one need to debunk the myths but also instill the practices that will make a blog worthwhile. In here, we shall explore the reasons why most bloggers fail. Through that prism, we shall highlight what one needs to do to succeed in blogging.

1) Don’t Blog Every Day.
There is a widespread belief that a blogger must keep blogging. Some say that one must have at least one new blog every day. Some say that one blog a day is not enough in this cutthroat era. This kind of perception follows the traditional mistake of focusing on quantity instead of working on quality. How can a blogger come up with a new blog every day? Sure, one can write a piece every day. In fact, a professional blogger who does nothing else can write twenty pieces in a day. But none of those would be worthwhile.

They can be short articles on certain topics but that is not what a blog should be. For a blog to be worth the time, it has to be truly unique. If it is just another piece of spun content which has no new perspective and thus has no value then not many people would be interested in reading it. Posting regularly is the key, not daily. So come up with two or three very good blogs in a week. This will also help bloggers to avoid burnouts.

2) A Blog Should Be Heavily Optimized.
This is another myth. Many bloggers fail simply because they focus on optimization instead of readability, uniqueness and how great the content is. Should a blog be truly great, it doesn’t matter whether it is optimized or not, the virtual audience on social media and social networks would make it go viral. Before you know it, the blog would reach thousands and possibly millions of people if it is that worthwhile.

3) A Very Well Written Blog Can Also be a Dud.
Unless a blog is marketed, no one is going to pay attention. There are very few people out there searching for your blog, unless you are someone of global fame. Your blog needs to reach your audience, in myriad ways.

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