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How to Make Blog Posts Go Viral


The world is brimming with content. This is truly the age of information and the virtual world already has every piece of detail known to mankind. Whatever is unknown is yet to be documented. You cannot possibly add anything new unless you come up with something new.

Whether it is your product or service, factual information or a distinctly different voice and opinion, your content needs to be different. This is nonnegotiable. Should you want your content to even have a chance out there, it has to be original, unique and it must have character.

Don’t endorse someone’s opinion or try to be like other companies or individuals that you are not. Be true to who you are and what your company is. Your content will get that voice. Take some time to focus on the following steps that will help you to create content that is liked and shared.

1) Have a Stunning Headline.
If you cannot come up with one line that will entice your audience then you cannot come up with a whole piece that will interest anyone. Make the headline appear like a solution to a problem, a gateway to something wonderful or it could offer a peek into something that the audience wants. Use numbers to make the content finite and definitive. People see numbers and they think the information being shared to be factual, helpful and there is a sense of purpose.

2) Use Professional Images and Videos.
You don’t always need a video to accompany every piece of content but images are nonnegotiable. It could be representative images or featured ones, illustrations or animated. Have good quality relevant images to go with the content.

3) Use Infographics If There’s Scope.
An infographic makes the content easily accessible. You have to factor in the reality that a large part of your audience may not have the time to go through the entire piece and may want a snippet that pretty much summarizes the whole content. For those who want to delve into details, there’s the whole piece to read. You cannot have very short contents because length implies detail and you have to be extensive with any information you share today. People don’t like or share content that is not comprehensive or detailed enough.

4) Time Your Content Right.
While optimization, posting at the right time and sharing content to give it a boost after being posted are imperative tasks, you must have your content to connect with the audience emotionally. There has to be some kind of a connect for the audience to react to the content. Bland content or what is not relatable will not work.

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