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How to Increase the Average Graphic Design Salary through Contests

How to Increase the Average Graphic Design Salary through Contests

What Can Be Learned From One Designer

Have you heard of 99Designs? The basics of it is that you create designs to enter contests. A good design will help you win that contest and the associated prize money that comes with it. If you create consistently good designs, then you’ll be able to create a reasonable amount of income for yourself. The ideas behind creating a good design to win a contest at 99Designs are also the same ideas that can help you position your business in such a way that you can win over your targeted visitors before they go bounce to your competition.

You’ve Got To Outsmart the Competition

It’s not a complicated process to outsmart your competition. You’ve just got to work harder than anyone else is within your niche. There’s several ways you can go about doing this:

• by doing more research than other companies,
• by investing more into customized content,
• by maneuvering yourself as an expert within your niche, and
• by solving more problems for people to create more value.

It all boils down to understanding what your market wants and/or needs. By knowing what your market is craving, you can adjust your products or services to reflect that craving and bring more targeted visitors into the fold.

You’ve Got To Put In the Grind

A vast majority of the success that people experience in life comes from them being able to staple their butts to their chairs and focus on what needs to get done. When you put in the hours to develop, build, and market your product, the quality that you create will show to each of your targeted visitors. Anyone can throw together a little something-something and pretend that it has value. By grinding out a quality result that has true value instead of perceived value, you’ll gain an advantage every single time.

Allow the Creative Process To Work

When creativity is forced, a poor result is often what follows. Sometimes it can be difficult to be creative in a specific way, so to continually inspire the creative process, be creative in other ways. A content writer, for example, might also write music for the piano as a means of keeping the creative juices flowing. Sitting somewhere and twiddling your thumbs isn’t going to generally inspire greatness – though it might seem like a waste of time to be creative in other areas, that small time investment into the creative process can pay off with many dividends later on down the road.

It’s About Finding the Right Resources

To have the modern company survive today, the right resources need to be located to make sure you’ve got the capital you may need for an emergency or lean times. Having different revenue streams, like contest money from 99Designs, can help your business survive because your budget won’t be directly tied into just one specific product or service. Take the time to examine the structure of your business today, see where you could find creative solutions to some problems, and then grind out a result. That’s really the best way to find success today.

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