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How to Improve Email Marketing Engagement Metrics

How to Improve Email Marketing Engagement Metrics

Do You Engage Customers Through E-mail?

When done correctly, e-mail marketing is a fantastic way to be able to engage customers with information about your brand, products or services, and other information about your business. It is a fragile relationship that is established when a customer gives you their e-mail address and if you’re not able to provide consistent value, then you’re going to either have that customer click the “unsubscribe” button or have your e-mails dropped into the spam folder. E-mail is being sorted by ISPs more aggressively than ever before as well – how can you make sure you engage your customers and provide consistent value?

How Often Do You Send Out E-mails?

Did you know that 54% of people who subscribe to e-mail lists will unsubscribe because they get too many e-mails? Most marketers find that sending one e-mail a day is what they want to do, but even that can be too much. If the e-mails that are being sent are simply solicitations for a sale, the perception of a customer is that they’re getting inundated with e-mails… even if they just get one! People see advertisements every day virtually everywhere they go. They don’t like to see blatant advertising in their e-mail, nor do they want to see 60 new e-mails with half of them being from you. Using restraint and sending an e-mail every other day or even every third day will still keep you at the top of your customer’s mind.

49% of People Find Content Repetitive or Boring

Almost half of people who read e-mails from companies find that the information being provided to them is simply the same information they’ve read before. Taking the time to create valuable content for free may not generate much in initial sales, but it will work to establish a brand loyalty with your customers. It doesn’t take much time to create a valuable e-mail either – here’s some great examples of free value:

• A company that sells blenders offers a recipe for a new smoothie.
• A company that provides lawn services offers information about keeping pests off their lawn.
• A company that sells carpet cleaning supplies offers information about how to get out tough stains using one of their products.

Use Your E-mail To Really Engage!

One of the best ways to find success through e-mail is to engage your customer from the first moment of the relationship. Using some sort of opt-in program can help to reinforce the validity of the relationship being created. Letting customers determine how often they receive e-mails helps to allow the customer to dictate the terms of the new relationship. Then, if at all possible, see if your customer will add you to their address book – that way your e-mails won’t get ignored or spammed out because it shows that they want to read what you’ve got. By taking these steps, you can increase your e-mail engagement, and ultimately your profits.

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