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How to Host a Successful Dinner Party at Your Home


Throw A Party Like A True Gentleman

Hosting a respectable party so memorable that guests will clamor to sign up on a waiting list for the next invitation may sound like an idea of fiction taken from F. Scott Fitzgerald, an ideal of a past long behind us, or obtainable only by the wealthy and elite. This simply is not true. Today any man can put together a party that will entertain guests an entire evening and send them home thinking their host is a real modern-day gentleman.

How to Dress

As the presenter of the evening’s festivities the first impression attendees will receive is how their host is dressed. The person of the house should be the best dressed at the party, but never overdressed for the occasion. If it is a casual affair, well pressed chinos and a button down shirt will suffice. More extravagant occasions will call for double breasted jackets, tailored trousers, silk bow ties, and appropriate shoes. Always avoid a hat, instead showing off a well kempt haircut, and no unsightly hairs sprouting from ears or nose.

Consider the Backgrounds of your Guests

Of course what the guests will remember most, and want to come back for more of, is the company of the other guests. Do not invite every person in your contact list, but rather pick and choose those that are most interesting, from diverse backgrounds, and upholding varied occupations. The more people at the party with different experiences, the more they will have to talk about amongst themselves—freeing the host from trying to force conversation in order to avoid awkward silences during the function.

Create Interesting Décor

Creating interesting décor for the event will help inspire conversation amongst the party goers as well. Candles, table center pieces, artwork, lighting and much more can be strategically placed within the room to provide guests with ice breakers. Setting up party stations—each containing food, beverages, and seating—will also make it more comfortable and natural for people to engage with one another. Use the tried and true triangle method. Place three party stations at opposite ends of the room, and watch as people move from station to station, easing into conversation with new friends.

Hire a Bartender

In order to really impress the guests, hiring a bartender and live music will ensure the event stays fresh in their minds long after it has ended. This will also free up the gracious host so he can mingle among all the invitees, leaving a positive impression.

When to Cook

If food is going to be cooked during the party it is best to wait until half the guests have arrived. Not only will this provide another talking point, but watching the process and smelling tantalizing aromas will provide more pleasurable sensations for them to tell their friends and co-workers about in the days that follow the party.

Sure, Jay Gatsby may have been a fictional character, but with proper planning and execution it is possible to host an event that will leave people with the impression that they have experienced a wondrous party, hosted by a modern gentleman, greater than those found in fiction.

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