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How to Get People to do What You Want


Whether it is delegating a responsibility or asking for a favor, you need to be able to influence others to get things done. In some cases, both parties would have something to gain. In some cases, it would be completely to your benefit. Negotiation or any discussion is as much technical as it is psychological. How someone perceives you, understands what you are asking for and how they would see their place in the scheme of things will determine if they would do what you want them to do. This applies to your customers or clients, business associates or partners, employees or even people in your personal life. Here are some psychological tricks to influence others.

1) Be Likable.
Try to be cordial, as much as you can. The moment you get confrontational, the other person will get psychologically distanced. One wouldn’t feel connected to you and even if what you are saying is relatable, there will be a lack in communication and mutual understanding. It is accepted that an argument may shape up regardless of how you wish to steer a discussion but even in confrontations you can try and control the fallout. For instance, you can stand next to the person you are talking to instead of standing in front. When you stand in front of someone or you stand and they are seated, the other person or people may feel intimidated and they would develop a sort of psychological defense that will resist them to relate to what you are saying or want them to believe. Standing or sitting next to them make it a friendly posture and that is not harmful or threatening.

2) Communicate the Benefit.
Always try to establish the benefit of the other person when you ask for something. It could be delegating a task or just asking for a favor, people are more likely to do what you want when there is something valuable for them in return.

3) Use Your Body Language.
Try to make eye contact and speak in a manner that the other person wants you to. When you need to get something done, you cannot have your own way or you cannot expect the other person to be wholly committed to whatever you would want. Eye contact establishes trust and speaking in a manner that is conducive for them will make it more influential.

4) Confusion Can Be Your Friend.
Try to confuse people if you cannot convince them. The moment you present facts or an argument which the other person cannot refute, they will be at their wit’s end and you can influence them in a way best suited to you.

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