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How to Get More Shares on Facebook and Twitter


In a world before the internet, the term viral would instill fear and terrify everyone. Today, the term implies an achievement or sheer luck, especially for those who deal with internet marketing or are associated with its benefits in any way. A viral video, article, image or even a viral advertisement can change the fortunes of the creator and that of the benefactor, both of which can be the same company or person in many cases.

Every company, artist, marketer and even many individuals vie for that viral post or viral share. That one content, image, video or something online that would get read, watched or visited by millions of people.

The Secret Formula For The Perfect Viral Share is a guide to help you create content that has the potential to go viral. Almost every company these days demand to know if their marketing initiatives include creating content that has the possibility of going viral. While every piece of content cannot become viral, there is a way to enhance its possibility.

In the info-graphic, you will come across some precious advice that will make your post or content stand out from the crowd. You need to know what has the potential to go viral. Imagine a video with some frames and a certain script. How would the video go viral or more importantly why? The video will have the potential to go viral if it invokes certain reactions. A video that is boring or doesn’t invoke any reaction, then it is a dud. A video that amazes people, shocks the viewers or surprises them, entertains them, captivates them and stir their imagination or evoke their passion will always have the possibility of going viral. There is a reason why shocking videos, funny images or entertaining stories get so much attention.

Right from the quality of the headline to the matter composed within an article, post, image or video, everything matters in the larger scheme of things. You cannot get some influencer to share a post and expect it to become viral. Although, sharing by influencers is a part of the larger scheme of things. However, an influencer will only get interested in such a viral share when the content itself is worthy. You will not have a Will Smith or a Barrack Obama share something that is not worthwhile or what is bland.

Any formula has several ingredients and that applies to creating a post or content that can go viral. Every element or attribute of the content, image or video will have to be unique but in adherence to the attributes that a viral post should contain. Explore the info-graphic and learn the specifics that would make a post or content worthwhile to be shared virally. If you can get the combination right and can also use the right channels to reach out to your potential audience, then creating viral shares is not an uphill task but only a matter of time.

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