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How to Get More Leads from Your Website


Today, a website is not just an online presence or a virtual profile of a business. It is actually the most potent weapon that can win the war for a company. A website is purposed to generate leads, to win customers and also to retain existing customers. A website is no longer a stack of static pages. It is a dynamic live interface that connects a company with its target audience. A website has to generate sufficient traffic, it should satiate the need of visitors for information and it should facilitate the lead generation or sales process. To accomplish all that, there are a few essential requisites. Here are a few website essentials to land you more leads.

1. A website must be interactive.

Gone are the days when a dead end on a webpage would still be acceptable as long as it provides information. Today, a visitor to your website must be prompted to get in touch with you. There could be a form, a live helpdesk or chat service or you can go with the conventional phone number. Ideally, you should have all of these. When a visitor is prompted by a company to get some help or more information, it only satiates the prospective lead’s need for information. Such essentials facilitate lead generation and also sales.

2. A website today must be empowered with social media plug-ins.

They are no longer those redundant little icons at the end of the webpage. Social media integration is quintessential today and they help the visitors to know what’s happening re the company in the social media space and the visitors can also connect to the networks through your site, thus providing you crucial information about your prospective leads.

3. A website should be responsive.

It should fit in all devices, be it laptops or desktops, smart phones or tablets. A website should also display relevant information and have engaging multimedia content. But at the same time, a website should load quickly. Any website that takes several seconds to load will lose the visitor’s interest. You cannot captivate someone for a long time, no matter what the content since the visual is a white page, loading.

4. Archaic design elements have to go.

Dated content or information that is irrelevant should also be kept out of the website. Even if you need to keep those pages, have them archived in a certain section of the website that is not often accessed by the visitors.

Explore the info-graphic to know more about the various website essentials.

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