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How to Get App Reviews for Your App

How to Get App Reviews for Your App

How to Get App Reviews on Top Blogs

Are you seeking ways to get app reviews on top blogs? Receiving such an opportunity allows your app to be placed in front of a large audience. As a result, you are likely to receive higher ratings and more downloads. When people make app pitches to review blogs, a minimum of 100 emails a day are received. This provides you with a 5 second window to get a bloggers attention. Follow this list of ways to create the perfect pitch.

What to Include

Be sure to include these main elements with your pitch.

• Name of the App
• Link to iTunes
• Video
• Screenshots
• Description
• Price
• Contact Information

Pitch Breakdown

In order to make your pitch effective, be sure to include these main items.

Your subject will determine if your email is opened or now. Express the uniqueness of the app, what sets it apart from the rest, while answering the question of why this email should be opened.

Be Personal
Start your email off on a personal note but using the individual’s name. Make sure it is spelled correctly.

Show Interest
If you want to solicit someone else to be interested in your app, be sure to show interest in their work as well. This will also relay the message that you know what they tend to cover.

What Makes Your App Different
Be sure to relay the factors that set your app apart from the rest. Why bother pitching an app that is identical to something previously covered?

Is it Free?
Be sure to mention if your app is free or not.

Link the App
You want to make sure they can locate it easily. You will be surprised how many people neglect to include a link to their app.

Add a Video
You can include a link to a video that is no more than a minute or two long. This can go a long way in showing them how the app works and functions without them having to read through the whole pitch.

Include Contact Information
Believe it or not, this is another item that people tend to forget. Be sure to include all the best ways to contact you whether it is by email, skype, or twitter.

What Not to Do

There are some of the things you want to ensure not to do when creating a good pitch. Be sure not to place the words, “Urgent” in the subject line. The only result that will bring you is a deleted email. Do not be too personal when using their name. Do not place deadlines in your pitch. Be sure to be persistent but not pushy. If you have not heard back in a week, your pitch probably did not make the cut. Do not include promo codes or attach any large files to the email.

Popular Review Sites

• Macworld.com
• Tuaw.com
• Macrumors.com
• Arstechnica.com
• 9to5mac.com
• Engadget.com
• Theverge.com
• Imore.com
• Mactech.com
• Macobserver.com
• Ilounge.com
• Macstories.com
• Appleinsider.com
• Cultofmac.com

Top bloggers have a few things to add in themselves when it comes to reviewing apps. The simplest piece of advice to follow is to make a great app. This is the first and foremost important thing to focus on if you want to make it to the App Store.

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