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How to Get a Corporate Job at Apple


So… You Want To Work at Apple, Right?

Who doesn’t want to work for Apple right now? Apple is an amazing organization that is not only on the forefront of modern technology, but they are constantly posting profits in a time when other major organizations are fighting for survival. Their stock has been over $700 per share recently, they pay their salespeople up to $15 per hour, and you even have access to a shuttle for work so you don’t have to spend a ton of money on gas to get to work. Is there a way where you can get an inside advantage on employment opportunities at Apple?

You Need a Degree To Work at Apple

One of the ways that Apple screens applicants to make sure that they get the very best of the best working for them is to require a bachelor’s degree at minimum for their more than 1,300 open positions. From customer service to computer engineering, without a 4 year degree on your application, chances are you’ll be passed over by someone who does have the degree. In some circumstances, extensive work experience can substitute for the degree, however, but if you want to become an Apple engineer, plan on getting a Ph.D in your chosen field.

Recommendations From Apple Employees Help

Do you know someone who already works for Apple? A personal recommendation from someone who is already gainfully employed by this organization can help you secure a great interview. If you don’t know someone like that, here are some other ways for you to get your foot in the door before you finish that application:

• participate in Apple’s forums;
• contribute software, apps, or hardware modifications to Apple independently;
• crack the software or engineering codes Apple has; or
• create something independently that Apple needs for their products.

Be Prepared For Your Interview with Apple

Did you get a call saying that you got an interview at Apple? Then you’ll want to know some of the keys to a successful interview with this organization. First and foremost, dress casually instead of formally. Be yourself, but make sure that you communicate your willingness to work hard and work quickly on whatever project may be assigned to you. Most of all, tell your story so that you can show how you can bring a new level of diversity to the organization. Apple only wants the best and brightest and you must show that this is you in the interview.

Are You Ready To Work At Apple?

With great benefits, fair paychecks, and amazing opportunities for growth, Apple is a very attractive place to work right now. By using these tips, you can secure your employment with this technology leader and have more than a job that pays the bills… you can have a meaningful career that allows you the opportunity to truly change the world.

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