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How to Earn Links Using Email Outreach


Email marketing is one of the few effective ways to reach out to your audience. While you will want your email outreach to be effective, it is not an easy trick to master. There is no dearth of email marketing campaigns. You yourself may be the recipient of dozens of emails every day and chances are very high that you don’t check even one of the promotional emails, unless you have the practice of checking them for some reason. An ordinary email user doesn’t check all promotional mails, unless there is something very relevant and very catchy in the subject line.

That is where one set of the 10 best practices for email outreach come into the picture. Whether someone is using a free email service or a paid client, typically an average email user receives a few emails they need and a dozen odd emails from different companies and agencies. The user would read the emails that are marked as important or which have been sent by people and companies the user is aware of. But the user would not be inclined to check all the promotional emails or business mails from unknown senders. If there is a catchy subject line and the beginning of the email is personalized then the user will open the email.

A catchy subject line depends entirely on what is being sent in the email and what a business intends to say and personalization can be as simple as addressing the person by his last name or full name. You may attempt addressing by the first name if your target audience is young or if the purpose of your email is personal and not overly business related.

Right from the subject line through the content to the tests and trials you must run, there are many aspects of email marketing which you need to get accustomed with. 10 Best Practices for Email Outreach comprises of ten tips that you should endorse and must execute in your email marketing campaign.

It is very easy to get your emails flagged as spam, to get junked into the trash or to be simply ignored. It is very difficult to get a person to read the entire email but if that can be done and if the content is impressive then it can create a ripple of sorts throughout your mailing list and your marketing campaign can get an unprecedented boost. Read the 10 best practices and endorse them to change the impact of your email outreach.

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