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How to Create a Pitch Deck for Your Business Plan


Simply put, a pitch deck is a presentation. In most cases, the pitch deck or the presentation is virtual, which could be a PowerPoint presentation or one made with some other software. At times, a pitch deck or the presentation may be real, such as models of buildings or plans of cities or neighborhoods used by architects and realtors. Everyone needs a pitch deck. A researcher needs a pitch deck for the grants. A professor will need a pitch deck to seek approval for a sabbatical. A startup entrepreneur will need a pitch deck to woo investors and an entrepreneur may need one to woo more angel investors or to raise more money from hedge funds. Even a veteran businessman will need a pitch deck if there is need to convince the board or to garner support for an idea, plan or new strategy.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that a pitch deck is necessary in anything and everything that requires approval or sanction in the end. Naturally, a lot rides on the quality of the pitch deck and how it is presented. Whether or not one would succeed in achieving the objective of the pitch will depend on the pitch deck.

What Is A Pitch Deck is not just a brief definition of what it is or what it does. The info-graphic is a comprehensive guide for anyone who has to make a pitch deck. At the very onset, you will be introduced to the twelve attributes of a pitch deck. You need to know what you will be presenting and to ascertain that, you must have clarity on the twelve slices of a pitch deck pizza – introduction, team, problem, advantages, solution, product or service, traction, market, competition, business model, investing and contact.

The Components to a Pitch Deck

As you get accustomed with the twelve slices, you will know the basics of what a pitch should be like. The twelve slices are not equivalent to slides in a presentation. They are merely the headings of various contexts. A single context can itself have twelve slides but then that would go against the cardinal rule of keeping a pitch short and crisp. Being precise always helps and despite the urge or necessity to include a lot of information and material in a presentation, one ought to be a smart editor to focus on the absolute imperatives and to leave out the exaggerated jargon.

The info-graphic will also acquaint you with some dos and don’ts that one needs to abide by to make the presentation effective. There is a very slim chance that the listeners or attendees to a presentation will be convinced by everything that is being shown or said. It is necessary to find that one or a couple of factors that will sway the opinion of at least some people in the room. That is the purpose of a pitch deck. It is purposed to win the opinions, from making first impressions to eventually influencing the thought process of the people in attendance.

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