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How to Copywrite Like a Pro


The world of copywriting is intriguing, perplexing and satiating. A copywriter is essentially a writer who writes to meet a certain set of demands. Copywriting is mostly used in advertising or marketing and sales. Writing informational articles or academic and journalistic writing are different from copywriting. In other words, a copywriter is a writer but he writes for a very specific purpose, a purpose that is not defined or preset by the writer himself or herself.

In the world of advertising, copywriters are needed at various stages. They form an idea, often illustrate an idea, work on the slogans, taglines, jingles, scripts, contents for website, brochures, leaflets and promotional materials. From the tickers you see on commercials to the ads you see in print or online, they are all made by copywriters. All companies albeit don’t hire copywriters but the skill required to do such jobs is copywriting.

The associated info-graphic, Copywriting, introduces you to what copywriting is and it goes to a great extent to explore every facet of who a copywriter is, what one does and how. As you explore the info-graphic, you would have a lucid idea of the fascinating world of a copywriter.

Copywriting is a form of sales writing where in a few words or lines or through the form of an elaborate content, a message is conveyed. The message could be the benefits of a product, the reasons why someone should subscribe to a service, the content could pertain to branding or promotional campaigns or there could be any other specific reason. Usually, a company or a client hires an advertising agency or copywriter to work on their products or services and then the copywriter comes up with the content needed for the specific purpose. Although it is a creative niche, there are very well defined standards and practices. Besides, every client or company would have certain requirements which have to be met. A copywriter cannot just write anything which doesn’t resonate with the brand, product or the message that has to be conveyed.

Copywriting is not a standalone task. It is often a part of a larger teamwork. A copywriter often works with business development managers, sales or marketing professionals, illustrators, graphic artists, website designers, internet marketing or SEO experts and there are video producers, photographers and all kinds of professionals involved at various stages of the process.

The eventual objective of copywriting is to achieve the purpose preset by a client through the mastery of words.

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