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How to Code HTML Emails


How To Create The Perfect Email Coding

When dealing with the task of designing HTML for email platforms there are a few tips one should follow in order to finish with the perfect HTML coding. However, most of the email platforms do not have the same support from current web principles, as do current web browsers. And there are not any email related principles that are put in place either.

Tips for Coding

The first tip that you should follow is to make sure that you select the appropriate tools that are needed in order to complete the job. There is a wide of array of great web creating software available to choose from. Programs such as Coda and TextMate are recommended.

The second tip is that in order for you to prevent problems with the display of your email, you should make use of tables to arrange the email layout. Most email platforms have terrible provisions for positioning CSS, so you should avoid using CSS positioning, clears and floats. However, you need to make sure that you correctly close your tags and nest the tables.

Make sure that the styles are simple rather than complex and compose them in either an inline CSS style or use a conversion tool.

Another tip is to always avoid using shorthand when writing HTML email code. For colors, use all six digits of the HEX code and do not use RGB. Instead of using shorthand to write out several CSS properties, write each of the CSS codes separately.

For block level components, some email platforms remove components from codes such as p or h1 tags, which can negatively impact the design of your email. Instead, close all of your text in td tags and make use of inline format to come up with specific rules for text in each of the tags.

Avoid using certain link styles because they are poorly supported in email platforms and avoid having your link colors change to blue when clicked on. For images, make sure each of them contain alt attributes and avoid using a lot of images in your email coding as a means of getting the message out.

Most email platforms do not have very good support of programs such as Flash and Javascript, so avoid using those. However, animated .gifs normally will work well.

Constructing the Email

It is also very important to know who your audience is and what their email platforms are capable of producing before constructing your email code.

And, most importantly, make sure to test your final page before sending out the email to customers and clients. Email platforms make changes all the time and you need to make sure that your email code works with the current version of the email platform.

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