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How to Build Links the Right Way


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Lead generation is a precursor to sales. This is a well known fact. What is also well known and widely endorsed is the fact that lead generation should be in accordance to qualifying potential customers and not just randomly generating data of people who are perceived to be prospective buyers. There is a huge difference between a cold lead and a hot lead. It is the latter that is quintessential to solid sales. However, lead generation alone cannot help the entire sales process to be effective. What is required and is absolutely necessary is lead nurturing.

The Process of Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing is a process of managing the lead right from the moment it is generated or obtained. A lead may be the result of a survey, a study, a referral or self generated by the potential customer himself or herself. Regardless of that origin, companies need to respond to a lead swiftly, as fast as one can, and the approach needs to have a detailed follow up plan. The entire approach to handling a lead right after the details being gathered is the primary ingredient that makes a sales process an effective one. Innumerable companies do not engage in lead nurturing and that is where they miss out on converting the potential customers into actual customers.

Converting Leads

For a long time, companies have wondered why the conversions of leads to sales are dismal and what they could do differently to change that tide. The info-graphic that we present to you today shall shed light on aspects that are not always talked about. A lot goes on in the immediate minutes after a person or a company expresses even the slightest of interest in a certain product, service or a brand. It is always wise to strike the iron when it is hot and that is precisely what lead nurturing primarily deals with. Lead nurturing takes into account the first mover’s advantage and has an extensive but specific follow up process. It is always more likely that a company which responds to a lead’s queries swiftly and objectively, offers a solution and follows up on delivering the promise would have better conversions and thus better sales.

There are many ways to make a sales process effective and lead nurturing along with some others mentioned in our info-graphic can help you to achieve your objective.

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