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How to Become a Morning Person


Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealth and wise. An old saying that is often used as a proverb as well as a nursery rhyme has more relevance and significance today than when it was conceived and penned. Today, people across the world have developed a penchant to sleep late and naturally wake up late as well. Waking up early is indeed healthy and health is the most precious wealth for anyone.

There is a degree of disagreement among many people, including some biologists who otherwise should be preferring the biological clock of sleeping and waking up. In a world before electricity was invented and when nights got illuminated, people used to wake up before sunrise or at dawn and used to complete all their tasks before sundown. Today, there is no such compulsion. People can work all night and burn the proverbial midnight oil. It is often argued that the concept of the biological clock was relevant centuries ago and is not of much importance now because the human body and mind can adapt to any routine or sleep cycle.

It is true that the human body can adapt to certain routines and sleep cycles but it is also true that waking up early is healthy.

Wake Up Your Inner Morning Person – Condition Your Brain For Better Sleep is an info-graphic that will introduce you to a few steps, very simple measures actually, that can help you to get some sound, restful and satiating sleep at night and that will allow you to wake up early. Going to bed early is the precursor to waking up early in the morning but that sleeping at an early hour in the night is the challenge. What you do through the day, how you exhaust yourself, your diet and activities, general health and numerous biological functions inside your body will play a role in deciding whether you get some sleep quicker or if you would become insomniac.

Exercising, especially in the early hours of the day, eating well through the day, avoiding artificial lights in the evening and particularly in the hours leading to your sleep time, shunning coffee, cigarettes and alcohol in the hours before sleep and many such simple measures will help you to get to bed quickly. Once you condition your brain to go to sleep early, waking up early will be as easy as gorging on a cheese burger.

In the info-graphic, you would get some tips which you should implement in your daily lifestyle. At the beginning or at the start of the change in your routine, you may experience some difficulty and you may have to make some amends to what you do at what time of the day but as you get into an altered sleep cycle, you will feel better, you would have more time at your disposal simply by the virtue of waking up early and you will also be a much healthier and fitter person.

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