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How to Be More Innovative


Here are some key takeaways to remember from this infographic…

1) Stop Judging, Start Doing.
The following is a simple truth that remains true for almost everyone. The greatest judge and hindrance in your life is you. The best thing you can do to boost your creativity and innovation is to stop being so judgmental and allow your mind to find things on its own. Play around, make a fool out of your self, experiment, and see what happens. If a thousand people say something is a terrible idea, be the person that argues the point and shows that you can make a difference.

2) Always Move Towards What Is Frightening.
The easy things have already been done. To truly innovate and create, you have to push yourself towards the things that are less comfortable and known. This can be a new computing language or software type. This can also be a way of think or approaching the world that you either take for granted or dismiss entirely. Go towards what is challenge and you will be surprised when you discover something truly innovative.

3) Maximizing Sleep And Mindfulness Will Provide Insight And Creativity.
Sleep is crucial. Sleep allows our brains to process what we have done during the day, aiding in our mindfulness and awareness when awake. Instead of staying supported by coffee after coffee, focus instead on getting the necessary amount of sleep every night. The benefits are that during the day, you will be quicker on your feet, come to understandings faster, and innovate. Another benefit of sleep is that it makes meditation more rewarding. When fully aware, meditating is the best way to shut out the past and future while focusing on the here and now. During this process, you will be surprised at how easily ideas come to mind.

4) Seek Out New And Exciting Things Instead Of Waiting For Them To Come To You.
You can wait around in the office to be hit by inspiration, or you can seek it. Our minds are incredible at making new variations on what we experience. This however is not possible if you spend all your time in the same setting.

5) Trust Yourself And Others In The Creative Process.
Even if you doubt what you are currently working on, trust in the final product and your ability to get there. With that said, trust other people in the creative process as well. Pinging ideas off of others is an excellent way to see the same problem from a different perspective, helping us escape our own heads for a second and make progress.

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