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How to Be an Expert in Business Body Language


The original source of this infographic is Gengo.

Jane Austen’s perceptions about first impressions may not have been proven to be correct and had indeed been subjected to the prides and prejudices of various characters of the famous novel. But in the real world, first impressions do matter and more often than not, compulsions of business do not offer the luxury to rectify first impressions and amend if something had erred right at the first interaction. It is thus necessary to emphasize that body language plays a very important role, as far as making the right impressions are concerned. As successful entrepreneurs and business leaders will tell you, body language goes a long way in making the right impacts right from the first instant.

Displaying Body Language

The accompanying info-graphics shall introduce you to the world of expressions, impressions and body language. The human body is capable of thousands of gestures. Whether you talk about the style in which you would speak or how you should stand, your sitting posture or the manner in which you would present yourself, every minute element of your presence matters. Your choice of words, the tonal quality of your voice, your inquisitiveness and willingness to make an impression and the receptive nature that you put on display are but some of the many aspects of your body language that any client of yours or even your potential ally would take note of.

Impact with Interaction

There are distinctly different ways to deal with an existing client and ways to interact with someone who is simply a lead and has expressed interest in what you have to offer. Likewise, there are ways to address the media or the press, consumer forums and also the board of investors. Every specific segment of your business demands certain types of body languages. While body language cannot be the sole differentiator between success and failure, it can facilitate the process of success and failure, depending on how you approach it.

Do’s and Don’ts

The info-graphics would introduce you to several facts and statistics as well as some tips and tricks which can help you to make the desired impression. There are several dos and don’ts when it comes to presenting yourself and a lot deals with your physical, oral and visual presence. How you stand, how you talk, how you behave and how you manage the entire time you are with the person in context can determine if you would get a breakthrough or be faced with more challenges than what you had anticipated.

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