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How Much Money Can You Make from Blogging


Facts About Blogging And Income

Blogging got its name in 1997 from John Barger when he called his website a weblog, which has since become called a blog. Blogging became most popular in 2001 and is now competing with the main stream media. Blogging has become one of the best known ways for a person to be heard and is almost a necessity for a business to compete in today’s market. People blog in many different ways for many different reasons but blogging has become a trend for businesses and people alike. It is said that 12 million people blog on social networking sites and 6.7 million blog on blogging sites.

Demographics of Bloggers

While the majority of bloggers are women, there are several types of bloggers. First there are the Entrepreneur Bloggers, who blog to help create and improve their business standing or to attract new clientele. Second there are the Corporate Bloggers who may blog for the same reason as the entrepreneur but blogs as part of their paid job duty rather than for personal business. Thirdly there are the Hobby Bloggers who blog as a means of entertainment or for personal satisfaction. The Hobby Blogger generally does not make any income for their participation in the blogging world. The next type of blogger encountered is the Non-Professional Blogger who blogs in their free time as a means to make a little extra income. Lastly, but not least, is the Professional Blogger who relies solely on their blog to provide their main income.

Industry of Blogging

Bloggers income depends on the type of blogger. Most bloggers who get paid per post earn less than $1000 per year. While corporate bloggers on average earn around $33,577 per year. The best know ways to earn money on a blogging site is through affiliate links, search ads and display ads. Corporate bloggers and entrepreneur bloggers will tend to earn more due to the fact that they are profiting by gaining clientele in the process along with the pay per click ads and links.

Reason for Blogging

Why Blog? It is said that over 77% of internet users read blogs and 23% of the internet users time is spent on reading social networking sites and blogs. This makes it very profitable to the entrepreneur, the professional, the part time non-professional and the corporate bloggers. It is a huge opportunity to reach consumers and readers. The blog tends to give consumers a more positive outlook on the business, 90% of the readers find the information useful and 70% of consumers are more likely to read a blog rather than an ad.

Blogging is a great way to earn new clients and inform customers or readers. It is known to be profitable from both the business and the personal side. It is informative and creates a positive relationship between reader and blogger. If one decides to blog be sure to choose a good domain name, and ads that match your blog to create the right atmosphere. When creating a blog keep in mind that the reader wants to be informed and have a positive experience.

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