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How Joel Osteen Built His Net Worth to $56.5 Million


Joel Osteen is fondly known as the Most Inspiring Christian in the US. He and his family have been hosted by President Barack Obama, he has millions of followers worldwide and is regarded as the pastor of the biggest church in America.

Circa 1980, there were 50 mega churches in America. Today, there are 880 evangelical mega churches in the country. Every two weeks, a new mega church emerges in the US. In such a scenario, Joel Osteen has evolved to head the biggest church and that is not just commendable but also a very noble achievement given his approach, principles and his preaching.

Joel Osteen is the pastor of the Lakewood Church, which was founded by his father, John Osteen. Then a Southern Baptist Minister, John Osteen used an abandoned feed store and converted it into a church with the help of 80 people. By 1999, the Lakewood Church had 8000 members. Today, the church has 43,500 members.

Born on March 5, 1963, Joel Osteen lived an ordinary life before taking over the reins of the church. Joel got married to Victoria in 1997 and they have two children. After John Osteen died in 1999, Joel took over as pastor. Before that, Joel had only preached once. By 2006, Joel Osteen had made it to the Barbara Walter’s ’10 Most Fascinating People’.

Joel is a college dropout. He worked for his father’s TV ministry and looked after the production. Since he became the pastor of Lakewood Church, Joel has evolved as a televangelist whose shows are broadcasted across over 100 countries. He is a bestselling author of five books, the first of which ‘Your Best Life Now’ has clocked more than 2.5 million in sales. His net worth is $55 million despite his principle to not take any salary from the church. Joel Osteen has more than five million fans, more than half a million followers on Twitter, he owns a house, a car and is an avidly followed Christian leader in US, UK, Ireland, Canada, Israel, Africa and Australia.

The info-graphic, The Evolution of Joel Osteen, will offer you an extensive sneak peek into the life of a contemporary Christian leader who has a fresh perspective on the two millennia old religion. Joel also preaches through podcasts, live events, broadcasts on television and he is an avid social media user.

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