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How Exercise Makes You Happy


Stress Relief Secrets

Stress can be tricky business. It can slow us down, make us feel bad, and even lead to health complications in the future. Here, we will take a look at what can banish that stress, as well as the negative chemical reactions stress leads to, and the positive ones exercise can start to banish negative health effects of stress. Exercise on a regular basis, even during your lunch hour, can boost productivity, make you feel more relieved, and keep you healthy in the long run.

What Stress Does

Stress, in the short term, releases a barrage of chemicals in the brain. Upon the initial cause of stress, both cortisol and adrenaline are released from the hypothalamus. Cortisol has control over mood (especially the feeling of fear), and can slow-down the digestive process. The hippocampus in the brain, responsible for our ability to organize thoughts clearly and remember events, can actually be impaired, over time, from the release of too much cortisol. Adrenaline makes your heart race, raising blood pressure and energy. Although not always a bad thing, in the short term, these chemicals and reactions can lead to health issues later in life.

Dangers of Stress

Dangers of long term stress include many health issues. Those who are too stressed have an increased risk for heart disease, issues effecting the epidermis, digestion problems and/or obesity, depression, and even issues sleeping. As you can see, our highly stressed culture already has issues with many of these problems. All of these things, combined with other health issues, or even alone, can lead to premature death, if not dealt with. Luckily, there is a solution to be found in regular exercise. Regular exercise can help to counteract stress by elevating mood, releasing important chemicals, and more.

Exercise: Number One in Banishing Stress

Exercising helps you tell feel more with it mentally, and even better physically and emotionally. Norepinephrine, for instance, can help you to start feeling better almost instantly. Your brain begins to repair itself from depression and emotional issues. Chemicals that are calming, reduce pain, and increase appetite are also released. You get a good dose of antibodies while exercising, as well, so that you can remain healthy, and your immune system stays strong. Dopamine can give you an almost natural happy-high, and a chemical known as serotonin helps you to feel more at ease, serene, and at peace while you exercise.

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