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How Color Psychology Influences Design Optimization


Color in Marketing

Color can have huge influence over consumers. Here, we will look at how various colors can affect people mentally. We will also have a look at how to choose colors in marketing. Lastly, we will take some color tips from famous brands about what colors are most effective for what markets. If you are planning on designing a logo, a website, or anything else, you need this information.

How Do Colors Affect Us Mentally?

Think about the psychological effects of colors before using them. If you want to show excitement, or stimulation, think about using red. Blue, on the other hand, creates a feeling of trust and security. Green is most often for environmental products, and promotes feelings of health and tranquility. It may also be associated with money. Purple is often used in beauty products, and can be used for a wise, creative, luxury, or imaginative brand. Yellows and oranges can be cheerful, but using too much of either of these colors can lead to a feeling of anxiousness. White, gray, and black are also great for a splash, but don’t use too much. White can be used to represent purity. Black is associated with power and strength. Gray is associated with staying power.

Schemes, Contrasts, and Choosing Colors

When designing a webpage, contrast is very important. Use contrasting colors to make easy-to-read text areas, and to make your product pop-out from the page. You always want the background to contrast from the product, if possible. Usually, backgrounds are of lighter colors, with the product being a darker color. For sites with lots of information, go for neutral color schemes. Choose bright colors to create a sense of vibrant energy. Monochromatic, complimentary, and triple color schemes are all appropriate. Monochrome looks sleek. Complimentary schemes appear pleasing to the eye for a large audience. Triple color schemes are the most popular.

Tips from Big Brands

Colors can really affect sales of a product, how many times customers return, and more. Let’s look at what big brands do for color schemes. McDonald’s red and yellow color scheme is appealing to the appetite and children, and seems energetic. It helps to get customers in and out, quickly. Starbucks, on the other hand, uses green to promote relaxation. Fanta has great sales because its product is orange. It is bright, full of energy, and their new products also feature other great, bright colors of all types.

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