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Highest Recorded IQ Ever in the History of the World

Highest Recorded IQ Ever

The Top 10 Smartest People

The following is a description of the top 10 smartest people. These people are not just known in the US, but worldwide as being the brainiest of us all. Some are even world record holders.

Kim Ung-Yong

At age 50, Kim Ung-Yong’s life has been undeniably impressive. There is no doubt that he was a child prodigy. Not only did he start working for NASA at the age of 8, he also is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as having world’s highest IQ (210)! He was fluent in four different languages by the age of 2 and was actually auditing college courses by the age of 4.

Paul Allen

Paul Allen is 59 and is known everywhere as the co-founder of Microsoft. Clearly, he knows how to transform brain power into a fortune. His net worth is estimated at $14.2 billion, earning him the ranking of 48th richest person in the world. He owns various sports teams and multiple companies. Additionally, he is one of the biggest philanthropists in the world. With an IQ of 170, he scored perfectly on the SAT with a 1600.

Rick Rosner

At age 52, Rick Rosner is using his IQ of 192 in rather unconventional ways. He is a television writer whose most recent work history is for Jimmy Kimmel. His resume boasts gigs as a nude model, bouncer, stripper and roller skating waiter. Another quirk about this man is that he changed his name so that he could continue high school into his 20s.

Garry Kasparov

Garry Kasparov is 49 with an IQ of 190. He holds a world record as the youngest undisputed world chess champion. He won this title at the age of 22. In 2005, he retired from chess and decided to get into writing and politics.

Sir Andrew Wiles

With an IQ of 170, Sir Andrew Wiles is wearing his age well at 59. He is a British mathematician who has been knighted for his amazing contributions to his field. He has received 15 prizes in science and math. He is known for solving the most difficult math problem in the world, “Fermat’s Last Theorem.”

Judit Polgar

At 35, Judit Polgar has made her father proud with an IQ of 170. Raising both her and her sisters in a unique educational experiment, her father seems to have been successful in proving that children can make extraordinary achievements if trained in a specific subject from a very young age. She beat Bobby Fisher at the age of 15 at chess, making her the youngest grandmaster of chess.

Christopher Hirata

Christopher Hirata is only 30. With an IQ of 225, he was a child prodigy. He was also the youngest American, at the age of 13, to earn a gold medal in the International Physics Olympiad. He entered Caltech by the age of 14 and was working with NASA at the age of 16. His projects included one concerning the colonization of Mars. He acquired his PhD in astrophysics from Princeton by the age of 22.

Terrence Tao

At age 36, Terrence Tao has an IQ of 230. He became UCLA’s youngest ever full professor at the age of 24. He says he learned math from watching Sesame Street when he was a child. He was able to do basic math by the age of 2 and was taking college level math classes by the age of 9. At age 20, he earned his PhD from Princeton.

James Woods

With an IQ of 180 at the age of 65, James Woods – yes, the actor – is also a genius. He scored a perfect 800 on the verbal portion and 779 on math on his SAT. While still in high school, he enrolled in linear algebra at UCLA. He then accepted a full scholarship to MIT. That is where he wound up dropping out of college and moving on to his acting career. These are the top 10 smartest people.

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