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Health Benefits of Sunlight


Sunshine & Biology: How Sunlight Affects Mood, Immunity and More

With the increasing number of health conditions, people are finding and using just about everything in order to treat and prevent such conditions from taking place. One of the things people have found out to prevent acquiring different health conditions includes sunshine. Indeed, there are a number of benefits you can get from gaining proper amount of sunlight.

The appropriate amount of sunlight may do wonders to lift one’s mood. The amount of vitamin D you are gaining from being exposed to sunlight works by bolstering one’s immune system. Aside from boosting your immune system, which leads to fighting off infections, the vitamin also functions to avoid more severe diseases. That is why it is important for you to identify the appropriate amount of sunshine exposure you should be acquiring along with the benefits it can provide you.

Who Is Deficient of Vitamin D?

Many people around the globe can be deficient of vitamin D. According to statistics, there are 60% of hospital patients, 42% African-American women aging 15-49, 42 to 60% US elderly, 81% infants, 71% pregnant mothers, 40% US, and 80% of nursing home patients are lacking of vitamin D. The only sufficient source of vitamin D is regular sunshine exposure. For you to achieve the minimum regular vitamin D value, you need to consume 10 huge glasses of vitamin D fortified milk every day. This is quite close to impossible.

Vitamin D Deficiency Risks

Lacking from the required amount of vitamin D may lead to some health conditions. These conditions may include Type 1 diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, colon cancer breast cancer, and prostate cancer. Hence, to be able to avoid yourself from incurring these diseases, gaining the proper amount of sunshine must be considered. Using a sunscreen that contains only SPF 8 may cut your production of vitamin by more than 95%. You may develop chronic deficiency on vitamin D once you press hard on your sternum and suffer from pain.

Benefits of Sunlight Exposure

As mentioned earlier, there are a number of benefits a person can acquire from having sufficient sunlight exposure. Two of the most human factors that can acquire great advantage from sunlight exposure include immunity and mood. Once you are sufficiently exposed to sunlight, the UVR (Ultraviolet Rays) may enhance the endorphins supply of the body. Endorphins are a naturally-occurring opiate, which contributes to generation of good mood feelings. In terms of immunity, the UVB and UVA radiation from sunlight may boost T-regulatory cells. These regulatory cells attack self-reactive T cells, which ultimately helps in boosting one’s immune system.

Among its provided benefits, one of the greatest is the great amount of vitamin D it helps to be produced. This is the known greatest benefit offered by sunlight exposure. Most of the people who are suffering from vitamin D deficiency lack of having enough sunshine exposure. UV rays may also be utilized to sterilizing and neutralizing viruses and bacteria.
Having enough amount of vitamin in your whole system will certainly help you at reducing the risk of severe diseases. This only means that you have to get yourself be exposed under the sun in a regular basis.

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