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Global Wine Production Statistics by Country


Where Does Wine Come From?

Wine can be enjoyed by everyone. It is a sophisticated and very complex drink. Its presence makes an event or occasion more joyous, making people feel like it is a special occasion. It is recommended that drinks with alcohol should be consumed in moderation.

Global Production

Ever wonder where wine comes from? Wine comes from different parts of the globe with a total worldwide production of over 26 metric tonnes and the top ten countries accounts for the production of over 80% of that amount. Here is a breakdown.

France – 49633 mhl
Italy – 41580 mhl
Spain – 33397 mhl
United States – 18740 mhl
Argentina – 15473 mhl
China – 13000 mhl
Australia – 11090 mhl
Chile – 10463 mhl
South Africa – 9665 mhl
Germany – 9661 mhl

The Consumption per Capital

France and Italy has the highest level of consumption per person with more than 50 litres per person. Portugal and Switzerland stands at about 45 litres per person, Denmark, Germany and Argentina stands at about 35 litres per person. Netherlands is 30 litres per person, Australia and United Kingdom is approximately 2 litres per person.

The Most Popular Wine Variety in the United States

In the United States, from a survey of wines sold at retail stores, red wine forms 47%, white wine forms 40% and Blush wine forms 13%. Cabernet Sauvignon forms 16%, Chardonnay forms 15%, Pinot Noir forms 10% while Merlot forms 9%. Cabernet Sauvignon Blends forms 8%, Syrah/Shiraz forms 5%, Sauvignon, Blanc forms 4% while Zinfandel/Primitivo forms 4%. Sangiovese forms 4%, Pinot Grio/Gris forms 3%. Riseling forms 2% while others forms 21%.

Others are:
Cabernet – 8%
Syrah and Shiraz – 5%
Pinot Noir – 3%
Zinfandel – 4%
Chardonnay – 15%
Sauvignon Blanc – 4%
Riesling (Dry) Pinot Grigio – 3%
Riesling Sweet – 2%

The Oldest Winery and Grape in the World

The world’s oldest winery was discovered by archaeologist in an old Armenian cave in the ancient town of canyon somewhere in the Caucasus Mountain around the southern border of Armenia and Iran. The oldest grape vine in the world is located in Maribor, a town located in Slovenia. It is about 400 years old. Till date, grapes are harvested from this vine and are used for wines. The vine goes by the name Zametovka.

Top 10 World’s Most Expensive Wines

Different wines have different price tags attached to them. This is as a result of their age, history and the influence they have in the world of wines. Here is a list of some wine brands and their price tags.

1. Screaming Eagle Winery – $500,000
2. Cháteau Cheval Blanc – $304,375
3. Heidsieck Vineyard – $275,000
4. Chateau Lafite – $232,692
5. Chateau Margaux – $225,000
6. Penfolds – $168,000
7. Chateau Lafite Rothschild – $160,000
8. Romanee-Conti – $123,900
9. Cháteau d’Yquen – $119,000
10. Cháteau Mouton Rothschild – $225,000

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